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Things to Avoid When Clearing Ice from Windshields & Windows

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Even North Carolina sees some pretty bad winter weather on occasion, and if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a garage then that will likely mean your windshield will be covered in ice by the time you’re ready to roll in the morning. Scraping off ice seems like a no-brainer task that couldn’t possibly be done wrong, but there are many methods of clearing ice that can damage your windshield and should always be avoided.

1. Pouring hot water on the glass to melt ice.
Automotive glass used for windshields and windows is designed to be tough, but it is still susceptible to damage under certain circumstances. Glass does not like quick, drastic temperature changes (ever run a hot glass pot cover under cold water?), so the simple act of pouring hot water on freezing cold glass can result in immediate cracking or shattering. Despite the risk, this method is commonly used but no matter how tempting it may be, please always avoid the urge to use it.

2. Tapping the glass to break apart ice.
Another method sometimes used to clear ice is lightly tapping a hard object like the handle of an ice scraper against the glass in an effort to break it apart into smaller chunks. It should go without saying that striking the windshield or a window with any blunt object can result in chips or cracks, so steer clear of this one.

3. Using alternative objects like spatulas, keys, or knives to clear ice.
As a rule of thumb, don’t let anything made of metal come in contact with your glass, especially is pressure is being applied to it. There are exceptions to this of course, such as removing stickers with a razor blade, but not for ice removal. The objects listed above along with many others are common household items and sometimes used to scrape ice in lieu of an appropriate ice scraper, but these can all create scratches in the glass.

So, what is the best way to clear ice from your windshield and windows?
Begin by starting your vehicle and set your vents to defrost. As your engine warms up, the heat from the vents will gradually and safely warm the glass from the inside and begin melting the ice. After about 5 minutes, and the interior is nice and toasty, use a plastic ice scraper (soft plastic bristle brush and squeegee optional, but handy) to clear away the ice which can now be broken up easily.

The key is to plan extra time into your trip when freezing rain or snow is predicted, and also to make sure you have the appropriate tools available either inside the house or store in the vehicle. Just a few extra minutes to warm your vehicle will make ice removal much simpler and less of a pain.

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