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Black Friday Specials from DeDona!

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There’s no better time to get your windows tinted at DeDona, because we’re giving away a FREE 7-inch Android tablet with 4GB of storage when you purchase full Carbon series window tint for your ride! Use it for work and play, or give it to someone as a gift – it’s up to you!

*Stock is limited. Offer valid while supplies last. Contact us to confirm availability. “Full window tint” includes tint film applied to all side windows and rear window of vehicle.

CarbonXP (CXP) tint film is one of our best-selling products for a reason. A true next generation window film, CarbonXP is non-reflective, offers superior heat, infrared and UV rejection, with a clean “black” look. CarbonXP is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty (including fading) and also backed by our own warranty for installation quality.
This Friday, we’re giving our customers the opportunity to purchase window tint using CarbonXP for 40% OFF!

Want more peace of mind while driving? Backup cameras let you to see everything happening behind your ride, allowing you to spot other vehicles, pedestrians, children and other objects quickly to avoid accidents and injuries. This Friday, when you purchase any nav-enabled touchscreen radio, we’ll throw in a backup camera for FREE!

*Free backup camera available for customers who purchase a GPS tracking system. Installation of camera not included.

GPS Tracking devices provide many features that enhance security and convenience. Systems like DroneMobile from CompuStar, as well as others, allow you to remotely start and stop the vehicle, monitor speed, set curfews, setup email and text alerts, and a whole lot more. On Black Friday, when you purchase a GPS tracking system at DeDona, we’ll install it for FREE!

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