Radar Detectors

Tired of getting speeding tickets or not knowing where police radar or laser is active while driving? We are your single source provider of top brand name auto security products, including radar detectors, laser jammers and even photo radar defense products. Our specialists at DeDona can help you pick out the best security system for your vehicle and budget.

Now Featuring K40 Radar Detection Products

DeDona is now an authorized dealer of K40 products, including the RL360di and Laser Defuser Optix. Together, they make up a complete, feature-rich K40 laser/radar system customized for your specific vehicle and driving style. The K40 RL360di is a fully integrated 360° police radar protection system that allows you to drive your car the way you want, worry-free. Some of the key features of this product include:
  • Directional Awareness

    Front and rear super-wideband radar receivers provide maximum directional sensitivity and frequency selectivity, allowing you to know where police radar threats lie.

  • OEM-Like Visuals and Auditory Alerts

    The RL360di is completely undetectable due to its discreet design. Two LED lights are hidden in the instrument cluster and an audio speaker under the dash.

  • Integration-Ready

    The industry’s first custom-installed, dual-receiver police radar detection system, the RL360di can integrate with select Kenwood/JVC radios to provide a touch on-experience.

  • Wireless Remote Control

    The key fob sized wireless remote lets you control everything.

  • Mobile Access

    If you have a cellular phone with text message capability you can access your system. There’s no need for enhanced data connectivity.

  • Expert Control Unit (optional)

    The ultimate in OEM style and convenience! The Expert Control Unit looks and functions just like factory vehicle controls and is backlit for easy button identification in low light conditions.

  • K40 Laser Defuser Optix (optional)

    This ultra-compact laser jammer fires up to five transponders simultaneously for superior detection and maximum jamming output.


Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detector

Featuring extreme radar detection range and the patented In-Vehicle Technology filter designed to eliminate false alarms from other vehicles’ collision systems, the Escort Max Ci 360 is an advanced digital radar and laser detection system. Get the experts at DeDona to install your Escort Max Ci 360 system, and fully enjoy the freedom on the road. Features include:

  • Discreet Installation

    With sensors mounted on the front and rear of your vehicle, and the interior module and display separated, you can enjoy a clean installation with no messy cords and no unwanted attention.

  • Full Coverage

    The Escort Max Ci 360 includes four ShifterMax sensors, a display and controller, an interface, a GPS antenna, and both front and rear detector/receivers.

  • Twin Antenna Design

    A patented design that is completely undetectable, the Max Ci 360’ twin-antennas alert you to all common North American frequencies.