Commercial Window Tinting in Greensboro, NC

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting for Your Business

Window tinting offers a number of benefits for commercial spaces.


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Upgrade Your Look and Advertise

A window film that includes your company logo can help customers more readily locate your retail space. It can also advertise your company to anyone who drives or walks by your office. You can also add a decorative effect by creating the look of etched, cut, or sandblasted glass with window film. Privacy film options can be used on exterior or interior windows as well.

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Higher Comfort, Lower Energy Bills

Window film reduces the amount of heat and harmful UV rays transmitted through the glass. As a result, it helps your employees and customers stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, window film reduces specific hot spots and cold spots within your space, helping to create a more consistent temperature throughout the building. You’ll also see lower energy bills. In addition, most companies can realize energy savings equal to commercial window film's price within three years.

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Protect Your Eyes and Your Furniture

Window film can reduce glare, minimizing eye strain for occupants. In addition, it can help prevent furniture, window treatments, items on retail display, and artwork from fading by blocking up to 99% of UV rays. Unlike blinds, commercial window tinting leaves your view unobstructed while providing protection, creating a more comfortable work environment.

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Strengthen Window Security

Window film can enhance glass strength and add a layer of security by making forced entry more difficult. Should a window be broken, the film can help hold the glass together and keep it from shattering. This can buy occupants extra time to react in an emergency. Not to mention, by holding the broken glass fragments in place, window film can reduce the likelihood of harm caused by flying shards of glass.

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What You Can Expect From Us

You can depend on DeDona Tint & Sound for outstanding service, high-quality installation, and satisfaction. We offer service and installation throughout the Triad region of North Carolina.

Making an investment in tinting your business or office windows has a lot of value. We’re committed to multiplying that value by making the sales and installation process transparent and as smooth as possible. Here is what our clients can expect:

  • Quick Responses

    Simply request a quote by calling or filling out our online form so we can schedule an on-site appointment with you.

  • Accurate Estimates

    Our team will come to your location to take measurements, get a firsthand look at your space and its particular needs, and provide you with a reliable, no-hassle estimate.

  • Smooth scheduling

    With your approved estimate, our team will schedule a date for the work to be done.

  • Competent Installation

    Our professional installers will complete the work and have your space looking and feeling great.

Explore Our Commercial Window Film Solutions

Using glass in the workplace creates a more open-space bright feel but at the cost of privacy. Not to mention, too much glass can seem redundant and lackluster. Instead, transform traditional glass to boost privacy and aesthetics using decorative window film! Decorative window film is available in various patterns, colors, and opacity levels, allowing you to create customized privacy without sacrificing natural light. So whether you want to add your company’s logo throughout the office, create privacy in conference rooms, or add a unique visual design element to traditional glass, there’s a decorative window film for your commercial building.
Windows and glass doors are easily broken, making your commercial space vulnerable. Protect property and people with safety and security window film. This film can be added to glass windows and doors, creating a protective barrier. Should the glass be struck and broken, safety and security window film holds the glass in place. This buys extra time to react in an emergency and minimizes the harm caused by flying shards of glass. Safety and security window film provides added protection in inclement weather, natural disasters, smash-and-grab burglaries, bomb blast explosions, and more.
While windows allow for outdoor views and a naturally lit workplace, they can create uncomfortable interior temperatures, high energy bills, and bothersome glare. They also welcome UV rays into your space, harming people and property. Sun control window film can reject heat, boost energy efficiency, minimize glare, and protect against UV rays without sacrificing natural light! Take control of comfort and your energy bills with sun control window film.