Safety & Security Film

Your Windows are Vulnerable

Windows are not only inefficient, they are vulnerable. Glass is easily broken and broken glass creates danger. First, glass shards are hazardous to the touch. We learn as children to stay away from broken glass and to handle it carefully when we have to. Second, when a window or door’s glass is broken, an unwanted point of entry into a building is created, leaving people and property at risk to outside elements.

So what can cause glass to break?

  • Blunt force on the glass (hammer, crowbar, etc).

  • An active shooter.

  • A nearby bomb blast explosion.

  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • Spontaneous glass breakage due to high metal content of new windows.


Protect Your Building with Security Window Film

Keep people and property safe with security window film. Safety and security window film protects building occupants by helping to reduce the likelihood of broken glass. Security film is applied to your existing windows to reinforce and strengthen the glass. In the event that the window does break, security film helps to hold broken shards together to prevent occupant injury.

DeDona Tint & Sound in Greensboro offers safety and security window film installation throughout the Triad region of North Carolina.