Auto Insulation and Sound Deadening

Enjoy a Quieter, More Comfortable Ride

Sometimes referred to as sound deadening, sound dampening, or soundproofing, the purpose of auto insulation is to reduce the amount of noise that can be heard inside the vehicle from outside sources, such as road noise while driving. Auto insulation can also help control interior temperature! By suppressing noise and vibration in panels, the material provides a quieter and more relaxed driving experience.

Manufacturers install these materials themselves, but auto insulation coverage varies with every vehicle, and sometimes adding more can improve ride quality. If you live in or near the Greensboro area, DeDona has you covered.

Benefits of Additional Auto Insulation

  • Greatly reduces road and tire noise.

  • Cuts down on engine noise while driving and accelerating.

  • Reduces vibration from driving and high-power audio systems.