Vinyl Wall Graphics

Unlock Endless Possibilities

Transform Walls, Storefronts, Floors, & Much More!

Blank, colorless walls and floors can make a space feel empty and dull. With custom vinyl graphics from DeDona Tint & Sound, watch a space that was once dull come to life! Fill your walls with vibrant colors, patterns, logos, and more using vinyl graphics. However, it doesn’t stop there. Not only can you apply our vinyl graphics to walls, but also to floors and storefronts. They can even be applied to materials like brick and concrete! Additionally, we can create custom signs and banners for schools, events, and more. The application opportunities are endless!

Our Design & Print Department will work closely with you to actualize your vision. Do you dream of an accent wall in your living room that features a beautiful, colorful pattern? Or perhaps you’re a business owner wishing to incorporate your logo throughout your workspace or are in need of banners and signage to promote an event. Bring your imagination to life with custom wall art and signage at DeDona Tint & Sound. We’ve all looked through magazines that feature beautifully decorated homes or office spaces. Who says your space can’t look like that too? With a little help from DeDona Tint & Sound, you’ll be ready to show off your newly transformed space in no time.

The Benefits of Wall Graphics

  • Endless design options (patterns, colors, logos, etc.)

  • Versatile application (concrete, glass, brick, etc.)

  • Increase branding in office spaces

  • Both residential and commercial applications

What Can Wall & Window Graphics Do For Your Space?

  • Beautify Your Walls

  • Amplify Storefronts

  • Enhance Sidewalks & Flooring

  • Embellish Lobbies

  • Ornament Stairwells

  • Decorate Glass Conference Room Walls

Transform Your Commercial Space with Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl has the ability to stick to just about anything! So yes, your logo and brand can get recognized even on that concrete sidewalk. Whether its concrete, stucco, brick, or drywall Ain’t Paint wraps and graphics can help you get noticed just about anywhere.

ain't paint wraps
commercial window graphics by DeDona

Our Vinyl Wraps & Graphics Services

At DeDona, our dedicated Design & Print Department can help you elevate your branding in a number of ways. From design conception to application, our experts will guide you through each step of the process. Imagine the possibilities with our vinyl wraps and graphics services.

  • Vinyl Lettering

    Window tinting can help eliminate hot and cold spots in your store or space. Your customers or tenants will be more comfortable. Ultimately that increases your sales potential and employee productivity.

  • Company Branding

    Window film can reduce UV rays by up to 99 percent, which can do a lot for eliminating eye strain on occupants.

  • Floor Graphics Interior / Exterior Wall Wraps

    Reducing ultraviolet light also helps prevent furniture, artwork, and window treatments from fading and deteriorating, so it is a way to protect the value of your other assets.

  • Perforated Graphics for Commercial Windows

    Commercial window tinting film can reduce screen glare by 25-95 percent, depending on the darkness of the film you choose. Window film can also drastically enhance the visibility of large screens in conference rooms, even in the middle of the day.

  • Architectural Wraps

    Architectural Wraps

  • Banners

  • Decals

  • Fleet Wraps & Vehicle Graphics

Explore the Avery Dennison Inspiration Gallery

In need of some interior design inspiration? Discover the endless opportunities to improve the aesthetics of your home or office with the Avery Dennison Inspiration Gallery. From lobbies and workspaces to living rooms, the applications are boundless. Explore the gallery to see how you can use wall art and graphics to transform your space!

View Our Vinyl Graphics Installations

From storefronts to interior walls, DeDona Tint & Sound is proud to display the custom vinyl wall graphics and window graphics applications we’ve provided to our customers. Beautify your storefront, display your brand, or enhance the look of your interiors. See how we can help you amplify the interior of your home or office!