Sun Control Window Film

Why Commercial Window Tinting Is a Good Investment

Significant energy and utility savings are some of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your space with professionally installed sun control window film. Tinting is imperative in regulating the temperature of your office or store. We use technologically advanced films that are applied to windows to reduce the amount of heat and ultraviolet light transmitted through the glass. These harmful rays are what really impact your heating and air conditioning costs.

The energy savings, which will be evident in your monthly bills, quickly make an investment in window film pay for itself. You can typically recoup the cost of window tinting within 3-7 years of a professional installation. Also, specific films may qualify your store or building for LEED credits.

DeDona Tint & Sound in Greensboro offers sun control window film installation throughout the Triad region of North Carolina.

Other Advantages of Sun Control Window Film

  • Increased Comfort

    Window tinting can help eliminate hot and cold spots in your store or space. Your customers or tenants will be more comfortable. Ultimately that increases your sales potential and employee productivity.

  • Eye Protection

    Window film can reduce glare, which can do a lot for eliminating eye strain on occupants.

  • Protecting Investments

    Reducing ultraviolet light also helps prevent furniture, artwork, and window treatments from fading and deteriorating, so it is a way to protect the value of your other assets.

  • Enhances Aesthetics

    Unlike blinds, window tinting reduces heat and glare while also giving customers and occupants an unobstructed view. However, if privacy is a concern, tinting can be designed to meet those needs, as well.