Paint Protection Film

Greensboro Paint Protection Film Installation

Maintaining the showroom condition of your new car’s paint can be difficult, regardless of how much you wash and wax your vehicle. Paint Protection Film, also known as clear bra, acts as an invisible layer of defense for your car’s paint. PPF provides round-the-clock protection against the elements like rocks, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, and other factors that may harm your car’s paint. Additionally, its self-healing technology allows minor scratches to disappear. PPF provides a protective barrier, reducing damage from kicked up sand, dirt, gravel, and other debris while driving down the road so your car’s paint can look good as new.

Don’t live in a constant state of worry about your car’s paint. Take steps to prepare your vehicle for whatever comes its way with Suntek Paint Protection Film (PPF) from DeDona Tint & Sound.

At DeDona, you get the best grade paint protection films available on the market today, installed by top certified professionals. There is a protective film to fit every car; let us help find the perfect match for you. Located in Greensboro, NC, we can service all of your paint protection needs.

PPF Installs at DeDona Tint & Sound

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Customize Your Paint Protection Coverage

Paint Protection Film can be installed on as much or as little of the car as you would like, depending on the level of protection you’re looking for. Typical coverage includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, and mirrors. Those wanting additional protection may opt for full coverage, which also protects the roof, doors, rear quarter panels, and deck lid.

Benefits of Suntek Paint Protection Film

Maximize the Resale Value of Your Car

Investing in PPF for your vehicle not only benefits you while you own your car but also down the road! PPF can maximize the trade-in value of your vehicle when it comes time to sell it. Reap the benefits of PPF today and well into the future.

Durable & Maintenance-Free

With Suntek PPF, you no longer need to constantly stress about preserving the look of your vehicle. This durable film is maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on getting to your final destination rather than worrying about your car’s paint job. Enjoy the drive while receiving passive protection from PPF.

Self-Healing Technology

Suntek PPF utilizes self-healing technology, allowing small scratches to disappear by themselves. You will no longer have to stare at that small scratch on your car door that seems too minimal to fix. Say goodbye to tiny marks from keys or rings brushing up against your car, and rest assured knowing your car is protected whether it’s on the road or parked in your driveway.

Virtually Invisible Protection

One of the most notable features of PPF is that it provides impeccable protection without transforming the look of your vehicle’s exterior. This virtually invisible protection allows you to keep the exterior appearance of your vehicle essentially unchanged while receiving impressive protection against the elements on the road. The only thing that will change is your ability to keep your car looking brand new.

Combine Protection & Style with Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film

If you’d like to receive the protective benefits of PPF while also transforming the look of your vehicle’s exterior, invest in Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film! Stek products successfully combine the protection of traditional PPF, while featuring unparalleled appearance enhancement with their DYNOblack, DYNOcarbon, and DYNOdamascus films.

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SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film

Reaction Paint Protection Film combines the forces of ceramic coating and paint protection film to preserve and enhance the look of your vehicle, no matter what it encounters on the road. The hydrophobicity of ceramic coating allows for easy cleaning and clarity, while the selfhealing feature protects against and minimizes damage from gravel and more. Not to mention, this PPF offers 25% more stain resistance than other brands. Backed by a 12- year warranty, Reaction will keep your vehicle looking as if you just drove it off the lot.