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Remote Start Systems – Cold Weather is Coming!

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Temperatures are already dropping, and it won’t be long until winter is in full swing and frosty mornings are the norm. Even if you park your vehicle in a garage, the interior can still be freezing to the touch on cold mornings and nobody wants to sit there shivering for 5 minutes while the engine warms up.

If this sounds familiar and brings back unpleasant memories, your winter mornings could be much cozier if you invested in a remote starting system for your ride. The same is true for those summer driving experiences involving entering a baking hot vehicle that feels like an oven.

A remote starter allows you to start your car or truck using a key-fob remote control – without going outside. If you left the heat or A/C on, it turns on when the engine does. Your car can warm up or cool down, so it’s nice and comfortable when you get in. A bonus is the warmed-up car thaws the ice on the windshield, too. During the summer season, seats and steering wheel will be cooled off so you are immediately comfortable when your trip begins.

How Does Remote Start Work?
From the comfort of your home, press a button or two on the remote and your ignition starts. Your parking lights flash to signal it’s worked. To prevent a thief from potentially driving off in your running car, the vehicle remains locked until you unlock it. You must also turn the key in the ignition before you can put the car in gear. If you change your mind, the remote starter can also turn off the engine, or the brake pedal acts as a kill switch.

More advanced systems like Drone Mobile, which we carry here at DeDona, give you a far greater degree of control and provide more features, such as GPS tracking to see exactly where the vehicle is, and even start or stop the vehicle through a smartphone app from practically anywhere as long as you have a cell signal. You can also be notified of speed limit violations and whether the vehicle is being driven passed a designated curfew.

Installing a remote start system on your vehicle will forever change the way you look at driving. No more freezing in the cold or baking in the sun, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing where and how your vehicle is being driven. If you’re interested in finding out more, just give us a call at (336) 851-1300.

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