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Aftermarket Head-Up Display Makes Future Tech Affordable

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We’ve touched on the many benefits of head-up display (HUD) technology in today’s vehicles and how this tech will only continue to expand and improve. Many manufacturers are designing head-up systems to be built into their own vehicles, and now companies like Garmin are moving to close in on the aftermarket space, giving customer access to the benefits of HUD for vehicle that aren’t equipped with a factory system.

Smart Phone Navigation is Being Replaced
This past decade has seen amazing advancements in smart phone technology especially with respect to navigation. There’s no doubt many of us rely on our smart phone’s GPS while driving, but admittedly it’s not a very safe way to get around since we’re glancing down at the phone to view information. Looking away from the road even for a second can result in an accident, so windshield HUD systems are being designed to remove the risks of using phone navigation by displaying the information directly in front of the driver.

Head-Up Displays for the Masses
Enter portable HUD units from companies like Garmin. These devices are designed to be installed in nearly any vehicle, sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and display your phone’s navigation information directly onto an included reflective surface placed on the inside of the windshield. Think of these units as projectors – the unit itself rests on the top of the dash, which beams the visual information onto the glass which is then reflected toward you so you can see it clearly. It’s a complex sounding way of achieving something that looks very natural and convenient.

Plenty of Features
Portable HUD units may not be smart phones, but they are still capable of showing you most of the relevant information you want. This include traffic alerts, visual turn indicators, estimated time of arrival, date/time, distance to next turn, speed limit, and lane assist arrows. More and more of these units are sure to be released over time, and there’s no doubt that portable HUD capabilities will continue to expand.

Next Best Thing to Built-in HUD
HUD Technology is not new, but it has only recently become affordable and useful enough for general acceptable. Major vehicle makers are already beginning to equip vehicle with built-in HUD systems that are linked with the vehicle’s own navigation system and make use of a reflective coating on the glass to display appropriate information. Some even have plans to use the entire windshield as a space to display not only directions, but visual indicators to help you stay in your lane in foggy weather, show you points of interest, warn of pedestrians or other road dangers like crossing animals, and a whole lot more.

If your vehicle is not equipped with one of these built in systems, a portable HUD device is an affordable way for you to enjoy a safer driving experience without the need to look away from the road to find the information you need.

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