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Getting the Most Out Of Your Subwoofers

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Getting a subwoofer, speaker box and amplifier are the first steps to taking your car stereo system to the next level. But then you need to install and configure them in a way to maximize sound while minimizing distortion. It’s not enough to just plug and play, but optimize the settings so you can get plenty of boom without the bust.

Getting the right speaker enclosure is the most important thing to do. Every subwoofer has a range of air space needed in a sealed or ported box for the sub to perform properly. You need to find the optimal settings for your sub and check if they will work with your enclosure, usually found in the manual. It should also specify if a ported or sealed speaker enclosure is recommended. If there are no enclosures available for the type of installation you want, DeDona will construct custom enclosures to fit subs or speakers in the desired location.

Subwoofers require power and every sub will have the wattage recommendations to match your amplifier. This should be set to the highest recommended setting so it produces the cleanest sound and also reduce the amount of work the amp has to do. Mismatched settings could cause overheating or impede performance which is why the initial setup should always be performed by professionals.

Next, upgrade your stock speakers to something better (unless you’re content with those included with a manufacturer’s premium sound system). Your subwoofer is there to improve the bass, but it won’t overcome poor quality speakers for everything else. Then change your settings using the fade so the bass is coming from the back of the car and the highs and mid-range are up front. This allows the sub to focus on bringing the bass. You could also install a subwoofer amp that provides power only to the subwoofer and another separate amp for your speakers. This would maximize the power given to the sub instead of distributing it to the speakers.

Finally, add a crossover unit which splits frequencies to the different parts of your car’s system, fine tuning everything. The crossover will route low frequencies to the sub and the mids and highs to your amplifier. This helps the amp perform better by not managing the low frequencies, distributing the work load optimally.

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