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Motor and Regulator Replacement for Stuck Windows

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If your vehicle door glass does not roll up properly, or makes strange noises, DeDona Auto Glass can help. Our technicians typically need to remove the interior door panel in order to make a proper analysis of the problem. It could be a fastener or clip that has come un-glued, or possibly a faulty regulator (the gear mechanism that helps the glass go up and down).

For those who are unfamiliar with how power windows work, the motor regulator assembly is a system of components responsible for adjusting the height of the glass (rolling the window up and down). In modern vehicles, typically the motor and regulator assembly are installed as a single part. The motor plugs into the vehicle’s electrical system for power and drives the cable-driven regulator to move the window up and down. In some cases, the motor may be replaced separately from the regulator.

When the motor is activated by the window switch, the motor spins in one of two directions, moving the window up or down along guide tracks. If your window has fallen down, that’s usually a sign that one or both of the clips securing the glass to the regulator tracks has broken, allowing the window to drop down into the door.

If your window is only sagging on one side (drooping into the door only on the front or rear side of the glass), the solution will still involve removal of the door’s inner panel and likely replacing the one broken clip that caused the problem.

For drivers of older cars, the underlying cause is often a weakness with the adhesive holding the window in place. As it ages, the adhesive loses its adhesiveness and elasticity. Roll a window down too fast or let something get in the way and the window will separate. These older vehicles sometimes have manual windows which use a scissor-like regulator assembly (pictured below) which is totally different from those used in power windows.

A manual window regulator is a very basic window lifting mechanism. Manual regulators are attached to some type of handle sticking through the door panel that controls the up and down motion of the glass window.

Humans are the “power” behind this type of regulator instead of an electric motor, as the window crank needs to be physically rotated to raise and lower the door glass. Power windows have been a standard feature for some time now, making manual regulators scarcer. That being said, they are still around in vehicles being driven every day, and if yours is broken we can replace it.

Whether your vehicle has power or manual windows, the glass is sagging, won’t roll up or down at all, or completely dropped inside the door, visit DeDona Auto Glass today and we can repair the problem! Call (336) 851-1380, e-mail us at [email protected], or request service directly through our website!

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