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Two Safety Features Every Driver Needs

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We’ve all seen news stories that feature heart-wrenching and horrific accidents when a driver didn’t see a child behind the car or didn’t see a vehicle beside them as they changed lanes on the interstate. The good news is that advanced safety features in many of today’s vehicles can help prevent these types of accidents.

But what if your vehicle doesn’t have this technology?

Some car manufacturers make advanced safety features part of a “luxury” package or a top-tier trim line, pricing more budget-conscious drivers out of the safety options. In addition, much of today’s safety technology simply wasn’t available or offered widely when older model cars were manufactured.
Fortunately, some safety features can be installed as an aftermarket device. Two of the best features that can assist drivers in avoiding accidents are a backup camera and blind spot detectors. Both of these devices help you see things that you could miss by turning your head or relying on mirrors.

A Better View from the Back
Backup cameras are considered incredibly helpful at preventing injuries and deaths that the United States is requiring all new vehicles to have a backup camera staring May 1, 2018.
Also referred to as a rearview camera, the back-up camera helps drivers see a wider view of what is behind them. They are especially helpful on SUVs and trucks, which allow a limited view of things that are lower to the ground.
A camera can be installed in the rear bumper of your vehicle. There are a number of options for installing the camera monitor that shows the view behind your vehicle.

  • If your vehicle is already equipped with a navigation system and screen, it can be integrated into your existing system.  
  • A separate 4-inch LCD screen can be mounted to your dash.  
  • A replacement mirror with a 4″ screen is also another option

While backup cameras offer great views and added safety, drivers still need to look behind them and use rearview and sideview mirrors when backing up.

Avoiding Danger in the Lane Beside You
A blind spot detection system can provide an extra layer of assurance that it’s safe to change lanes. Two rear sensors can be installed on each side of the bumper in order to continuously monitor objects approaching the bumper from the rear or the side.  If a person or vehicle is approaching, warning lights will appear on the side of the dashboard. If you turn on your turn signal to move, an audible alert will also sound to warn you not to change lanes or turn.

The Advantages of Professional Installation
It’s best to work with a professional installer when purchasing a backup camera or blind spot detection system. Installation requires working with automobile wiring, drilling holes, and sealing around devices — all complex tasks that require expertise and proper tools. A do-it-yourself project risks damaging your vehicle. In addition, a professional installer can make sure all equipment matches your car and blends in for a more professional look.

Ready to Boost Your Safety on the Road?
DeDona Tint and Sound in Greensboro carries both backup cameras and blind spot detection systems. DeDona’s experienced technicians have installed these safety features in all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. To learn more about options for your vehicle, complete our easy online form, and we will be in touch to answer your questions or provide a quote.

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