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Why Remote Start Will Be Your Best Friend this Winter

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Cold weather is upon us this season, and it can be uncomfortable, especially when you need to leave home. When it’s freezing or snowy, warming up the car in advance can be a hassle. Yet the alternative — sitting on your cold seat until the interior finally reaches a reasonable temperature — isn’t comfortable either. With a remote start system, your cold weather worries will vanish.

Any Time, Anywhere, Any Weather
Remote start allows you to start your car at any time, with the simple push of a button. If you need to leave home to get to work or to the store, just start your car while you’re getting ready and the vehicle will be warmed up once you get outside.  This can be especially helpful if you have young ones who need to stay warm. Kids are sensitive to weather changes, and a remote start feature will keep them cozy as you pack up for your trip.
Systems can also come with a rear defrost feature, saving you the work of removing ice and frost from the front and rear windshields. Having the windshields fully clear is important to driving safety.
Remote start can be useful in the warmer months too, starting the air conditioning quickly and keeping your car cool. Cars act as insulators, holding in the temperature, making them hotter or colder than the air around them.
Another feature available is an automatic switch to open the trunk. Never worry about opening your trunk with your hands full again.

Have you ever been at a concert and forgotten where you parked? Losing your ride can be a scary feeling, especially if you’re alone. Remote start can help you find your car in any area with a car find/panic feature.
Remote start systems can also double as an anti-theft system. Passive locking and unlocking when the ignition starts means the only person who can unlock the car is the person with the key. There is also an option for backup battery power for the anti-theft system, so even if a burglar were to disconnect the vehicle’s battery, your alarms would keep blaring.

Resale Value
If you plan to resell your car in the future, remote start can add value to your appraisal. People are willing to pay extra for the convenience and safety of a remote start system.

Get Yours Installed
DeDona Tint and Sound in Greensboro, NC, can install remote start systems for most makes and models. Call us for your free estimate today and stay out of the cold winter weather! We’ll make sure you find the perfect system for your car and your lifestyle.

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