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Cut Heating Costs This Winter: 3 Benefits of Tinted Windows

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The weather outside may be frightful, but your facility’s power bill doesn’t have to be. If you’re a business owner or a facilities manager, you could be saving a considerable amount of money simply by having your windows tinted. Think tinting windows is only for vehicles? Think again! Commercial window tinting has many benefits for your wallet, as well as for your employees or tenants.

Energy Efficiency

Although the topic of energy efficiency seems to be more prevalent in the summer months when you’re wanting to keep the hot air out, commercial tinting makes just as much of an impact on your energy bill in the winter months by keeping the hot air in.
When you tint your building’s windows, there’s a film that covers the windows in order to reduce ultraviolet rays and the amount of heat that penetrates the glass. Because of this technology, your building remains energy efficient year-round, which is especially nice during the holiday shopping months when you could use a little extra savings on your power bill!

Ultraviolet Protection

Another way tinted windows helps you reduce costs is by ensuring that the decor items you’ve invested in for the inside of your building stay as fresh looking as they did the day you placed them there. If you don’t tint your windows, your wall hangings, exposed documents,  furniture, and even carpet will fade over time due to the harsh ultraviolet rays pouring in on them day after day. Eventually, you’d probably have to replace that decor. Artwork and furniture are investments, so not having to replace them due to light damage is a big win for your wallet.

Aesthetic Appeal

While saving on your energy bill is no doubt one of the top draws to commercial window tinting, also consider how much you can save when it comes to aesthetic appeal.
Because tinted windows reduce the amount of heat and light pouring into your space, expensive window treatments like blinds and curtains become optional, rather than necessary.
A space with abundant natural sunlight and wide-open views is often seen as more inviting and appealing than a space with the blinds drawn and curtains closed. Make your customers and employees feel welcome by using the aesthetic appeal of those beautiful tinted windows to your advantage.

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