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Top 4 Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

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Ah, the tinted window look. It’s one that most drivers agree instantly makes your vehicle look smoother and sleeker while cruising down the road. However, tinting your windows does more than just improve the look of your car. It actually improves the functionality as well.

Here are our top four reasons to tint your ride!

Tinting Avoids Tempting
Let’s say you’re traveling around town with some valuable items in your backseat. You forget they are back there, so when you leave your car in the parking lot to run a quick errand, you extend an open invitation for a break-in. Tinting your windows lessens the temptation for car robbery by significantly obscuring others’ vision into your vehicle. For this reason alone, tinted windows could quickly pay for themselves!

Tinting Avoids Baking
That’s right — if you don’t want to bake your skin in harmful UV rays, you need the sun protection that only tinted windows can give. Just as you would slather sunscreen on your children if you were spending a day at the beach, you also need to shield your family from the sun while traveling down the road. Even though it may seem hard to believe, sun rays really do penetrate your car’s glass if you aren’t 100 percent protected by light-reflecting tinted windows.

Tinting Avoids Melting
One of the greatest advantages to tinting your windows has got to the be the fact that it keeps the temperature in your car cooler! Not only does it keep harmful rays out, but it also keeps the heat out as well. Kiss the old days of legs sticking to a leather interior or children complaining of stifling heat, goodbye! Better, cooler rides are yet to come when you increase shade by tinting your car’s windows.  

Tinting Avoids Squinting
If you’ve ever been driving down the road at sunset, you know the agony that ensues. Sure, the scene is beautiful….from anywhere else other than inside your vehicle. The glare that bounces in through the windows can so affect your visibility that it actually is dangerous for yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. Tinting your windows cuts down on glare, allowing you to enjoy sunsets on the road once again.

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