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Make Your Family’s Summer Road Trip a Breeze

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Are we there yet?
How much longer??
I’m booooored!
The sun’s in my eyes!!
Daddy, are we lost?

This familiar soundtrack children play for their parents during summer road trips is not music to anyone’s ears. You probably agree, there’s not much worse than being trapped in the car with these mantras stuck on repeat. Ready to kiss miserable car trips goodbye? Check out these simple yet effective tips for making your next summer road trip a breeze!

Get Where You’re Going
Whoever said getting there is half the fun has probably never gotten lost en route to their destination with a posse of restless children in the backseat.
Using a navigation system helps get you to your destination effortlessly and efficiently. However, if you’re not working with an up-to-date system, trouble can ensue.
We recommend using a fully-integrated navigation system to direct your route. Also, always make sure you have downloaded the latest map updates before you hit the road, as maps do get outdated over time.

Take a Cue From the Movies
Lights, camera, action, drive! Take your road trip down easy street by utilizing video systems in your car for the kids to enjoy. You can either choose to have a video and audio system installed directly into your vehicle, or, you can also purchase portable DVD players to keep your little ones entertained.
When the children are content and watching their favorite movies, the entire car ride becomes more relaxed. You can even use the videos as a way to help answer their question of “how much longer?” by answering them with “we’ll be there after you finish watching two full movies.”

Keep it Cool
Whether you’re taking a daycation just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road, or a lengthy car trip crossing several states, your family will be miserable if annoying sun rays steal your road trip fun.
When heavy sun penetrates your automotive glass, things literally heat up, and headaches ensue.
To keep everyone calm, cool, and collected, think about having your windows professionally tinted. This is not only more energy efficient, but it also makes traveling more enjoyable.

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