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Sometimes, it can feel like your vehicle is your home-away-from home. In fact, you are probably driving around with some pretty valuable items in your car (a GPS or name-brand sunglasses, anyone?), much like you’d have in your house.
You wouldn’t think twice about protecting your home with a home security system, so why not also protect your vehicle?
Auto theft brings in $8 billion a year, and you don’t want to wind up as the next victim. The Alarming Facts
According to the Insurance Information Institute, a case of auto theft occurred in the United States every 46 seconds in 2014, and in the last two years, those numbers have continued to climb.
The 2016 Hot Wheels National Crime Bureau Most Stolen Cars report named Hondas, Chevys, and Fords among the top 10 vehicles stolen in 2015. However, if you drive a nicer, more expensive car, you’re an even larger target.

According to the F.B.I.’s website, because car thieves transport stolen vehicles across state lines and acquire registrations using falsified documents, states have no real way to quickly and accurately verify these documents — making a car thief’s job that much easier.

Who’s at Risk?
No one is immune from auto theft, but here are some who may be more at risk:

  • Those who live in the city and park their vehicles by the street.
  • Those who drive sports cars.
  • Those who leave their vehicles unlocked regularly.
  • Those who leave valuables (like a GPS system, wallet, shopping bags, etc.) in their parked vehicle.

Protecting Your Vehicle
Even if your car came with factory security features, you should consider taking further precautions. For example, your factory security settings may only disable the starter if a key chip isn’t detected by the ignition, and this is something many car thieves will be able to work around. In other words, factory settings won’t be good enough to discourage a case of auto theft.
Not to mention, most systems simply rely on door switches to work, which means that an intruder could easily bust your vehicle’s window to gain access, and no alarm would sound.

However, you’ll gain peace of mind when you install a state-of-the-art car alarm. A persistent, obnoxiously loud car alarm disorients and scares off offenders most of the time, making it a very worthwhile investment.

Get an Estimate
We offer a complete line of auto security products, including specialized car alarms, at DeDona Tint & Sound. Get an estimate today — you can’t put a price tag on peace-of-mind.

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