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The Advantages of CarbonXP Tint Film

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SunTek CarbonXP window tint is a state of the art window tint technology for any automotive vehicle. Very few window tint competitors come close to comparing. CarbonXP is manufactured with Nano-Hybrid technology, is non-metal, and features a non-reflective dark finish that will not fade over time.

The heat of the south is incredibly strong and can be unbearable at times, especially inside a vehicle that has been sitting outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time. Even as you drive, UV radiation from the sun is constantly bombarding your skin and your vehicle’s interior. CarbonXP window tint blocks out 99% of these dangerous UV rays, protecting your skin and the vehicle’s interior surfaces.

The superior heat rejection also means your ride is more comfortable, from when you first enter the vehicle. High heat rejection has a direct impact on lowering the inside temperature, and your air conditioning will not have to fight nearly as hard to maintain a cooler temperature.

CarbonXP even helps safeguard the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The strength of this film helps keep your broken glass together once shattered, meaning it is far less likely that glass shards go flying upon impact, which could otherwise result in additional injuries.

In terms of security, CarbonXP makes it difficult to see into your vehicle. You can feel comfortable on the road and even when your car is parked. Your car is always at risk when individuals can clearly spot your belongings, especially when parked. (As a side note and general rule of thumb, regardless if you have window tint or not, you should always hide any valuable belongings in your vehicle, or take them with you whenever possible. )

Being entirely free of metal, CarbonXP will never interfere with electronics, such as smart phones and air cards, operating inside your vehicle. Your cell reception and other signals such as GPS will be just as strong as if no tint film were applied at all. The film also does not interfere with radios or radar detectors.

If you are considering tinting your windows for the first time, or replacing your existing tint film, call DeDona Tint & Sound at (336) 851-1300 for more information on our available films, including CarbonXP from SunTek.

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