Rear Window Tint – Multiple Strips vs. Heat Shrinking a Single Piece

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Applying window tint to side windows is fairly straight forward – on most vehicles the glass is only slightly curved, which means the tint film doesn’t have as much tendency to wrinkle and instead lies flat. However, many rear windows have a compound curve that can make the application of tint film a real hassle. Based on experience and equipment, there are two ways tint can be applied to these challenging rear windows. The film can be applied in strips (smaller strips of tint film overlapped upon each other horizontally), or with one single piece of film, using a heat gun to shrink and stretch the film to precisely conform to the glass.

Multiple Strips
Sometimes, glass with extreme curves and dimensions may require multiple pieces of film, but as a general rule, rear glass on most cars, vans and SUVs can be tinted with one piece of film. Some tint shops and do-it-yourselfers will sometimes opt for this method due to lack of experience or the necessary equipment.

Using this method, multiple strips of tint film are applied to the inside of the rear glass, typically overlapping on the defrost lines to help hide the seams and give the appearance of a single piece, or using relief cuts along the defrost lines that are just long enough to let the wrinkles out. Though somewhat effective, this method can often end up looking choppy, and often takes even more time to install than a single piece, with more room for error during application, and a greater chance of peeling later on.

Heat Shrinking a Single Piece
This is undeniably the better option. Not only will the look be clean and consistent, there will be less risk of peeling, and will be easier to remove when it eventually needs replacing years down the road. For this method, a single sheet of tint film is cut from the roll at the approximate width of the rear window, laid across the outside of the glass and smoothed using a wool glove.

Using a heat gun (no, a blow dryer won’t work, not enough heat!), the film’s wrinkles near the edges are massaged out as the heated film conforms to the curves of the glass. Once the film is ready, the protective coating is removed from it, and then the single custom-fitted piece of film is applied to the interior surface of the rear window, making for a perfect fit, less hassle than strips, and a superior clean look.

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