Auto Glass Service for Fleet Vehicles

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At DeDona Auto Glass, we offer auto glass repair for vehicles of nearly any make or model. Not only do we cater to individual car needs, but we also offer repair services for companies operating a fleet of vehicles. Whether you are a company with 100 vehicles like Enterprise Rent-a-Car or a small company with several vehicles, we can manage your glass repair needs.

It can sometimes be difficult to find an auto glass repair provider that addresses your needs while not putting your business behind schedule.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

Fleet Tracking
Detailed maintenance and repair records for every vehicle in your fleet is a must. This will help both you and the shop identify which cars, trucks or vans are in need of glass service more often than others. This may also help you identify which routes (if any) are causing the most damage to your fleet’s glass.

Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduling regular maintenance and repairs can help catch problems early, such as a chip which may be repairable, and avoid driving safety concerns such as impaired visibility from bubbling or peeling tint film. Our sister company, DeDona Tint & Sound, shares the same premises which means tint problems can be taken care of rapidly at our facility.

Heavy Equipment
Construction equipment is often operated in conditions that routinely expose the glass to damage, and every minute of downtime on the job site is a minute that piece of equipment and its operator is not productive.

Response Time
With commercially operated vehicles, time is money, as the saying goes.  Our business customers want the job done quickly, and done correctly the first time. DeDona Auto Glass delivers quick mobile auto glass service directly to the vehicle’s location, whether on the side of the highway or in the middle of a construction site.

Our rock-solid commitment to customer service means that any auto glass replacements or repairs are covered by our warranty. When DeDona Auto Glass replaces a windshield or repairs a chip on one of your vehicles, we guarantee our workmanship for as long as you own or lease that vehicle.

Bottom Line
Your vehicle fleet is an essential component of your business operations. Our mobile auto glass repair teams will get your vehicles on the road faster, and save your organization both time and money.

Call us today at (336) 851-1300 for more detailed information on how DeDona Auto Glass can help you!

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