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Reduce Engine and Ride Noise with Auto Insulation (Sound Dampening)

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High-end luxury vehicles are known for their quiet ride, while the average compact, sedan, truck or sports car don’t quite hit the mark. Road and engine noise are always there but the less noise you have to deal with, the more comfortable and relaxed the ride will be. So, why are some vehicle interiors much noisier than others, and what can be done to reduce this noise?

First, we’ll have a look at the factors involved with road and engine noise. All gas or diesel engines will put out some level of noise which is unavoidable, although some engines are certainly louder than others, but it is the amount and quality of insulating materials in the engine compartment (under the hood) that determine how much of this noise can be heard inside the vehicle.

With road noise, the tires rolling against the pavement and the movement of air are the main culprits. Certain tires may produce less sound while driving, but just like engine noise these sounds will always be present as well. The amount of insulating material on the floor pans, engine compartment and hood, side panels, trunk lid, and door panels has a huge impact on how much of that outside noise you experience while driving.
Unfortunately, auto makers choose to compromise in the interest of profit by only applying minimal amounts of sound dampening materials in these key locations. The out-the-door price of the vehicle may be lower but only because they’ve sacrificed more thorough insulation, among other features.

So what can be done to reduce this noise?
We work with customers on a regular basis who experience more road or engine noise than they’d like. Fortunately, there are many high quality products available from manufacturers like Hushmat and 3M which we use to remedy this problem. Installing auto insulation in key spots like the door panels, floor pans and engine compartment result in a significantly quieter ride. Engine idling and acceleration noise will be reduced, and outside wind noise cut dramatically.

Users of high-powered audio systems will also benefit from sound dampening insulation, as it will prevent squeaking and vibrating of panels if you have powerful subs putting out serious bass. Since insulation works both ways, it will also reduce the sound of your audio system when heard from outside the vehicle.

DeDona has you covered
For a more relaxing and quieter ride, get professionally installed auto insulation at DeDona Tint & Sound. Click below to request a quote for your vehicle, as pricing may vary by project. You can also call us at (336) 851-1300 and our staff would be happy to discuss options with you.

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