Introducing Ain’t Paint Vehicle Wraps

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Introducing Ain’t Paint Vehicle wraps, these wraps are more than mobile advertising for your business. Now, you can change the look of your vehicle in just hours simply by designing or choosing a wrap you like in colors and graphics that you crave. We’ll do the rest!

Why would you choose vehicle wraps instead of paint?

  • Help protect the showroom finish of your new vehicle from chips, dings, scratches, UV rays and general wear and tear with a vehicle wrap.
  • You’re not “stuck” with the colors offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Select a vehicle wrap in a color (colors, graphics, or textures like carbon fiber, brushed metals and camo) to jazz it up, play it down, or simply stand apart from other owners of your make and model.
  • Vehicle wraps cost less and take less time than auto-body paint and labor. Adding a vehicle wrap takes about two or three days whereas painting and drying can take up to TWO WEEKS.
  • Vehicle wraps are easily removed and/or replaced. If your car is leased or  when you’re ready to trade the car in, the wrap is quickly removed to reveal the original paint in its pristine condition and enhancing its resale value. Switch out your advertising quickly and regularly to keep pace with your marketing.
  • You can avoid waxing your car to restore the shine: Vehicle wraps only require  wrap care products that we sell, to remove dust and dirt to give your vehicle that showroom shine!

Ain’t Paint is here to help you get the look you want and/or the advertising that makes your business stand out in the crowd. Vehicle wraps, whether full or partial – are an excellent choice for mobile advertising either on your vehicle or boat; as accents, whether that’s the spoilers, hood, roofs, door handles or racing stripes. Wrap a fleet of vehicles to match whether your fleet consists of taxi cabs, buses, church or daycare vans, ambulances, or police vehicles.

You decide. The choices are endless when it comes to vehicle wraps. Contact DeDona for more information.

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