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4 Warning Signs To Watch For When Hiring A Window Tint Company

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Finding the right company to work on your vehicle, home or business is not always easy. Here are some warning signs you should look for when searching for a window tint company.

Little or No Reviews
When hiring a window tinting company, be wary of companies that do not have many reviews available. While not all reviews are genuine, a majority of them usually are so we advise caution in cases where a business has very little online feedback from previous customers. Reviews can often be a significant source of information for people looking to hire a reputable window tinting company. A lack of reviews can indicate that the company is extremely new without much experience. When you research DeDona Tint & Sound online, you will see that feedback from our customers is overwhelmingly positive due to our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

No Written Guarantee of Workmanship
A red flag should also pop up if the window tint company does not provide a written guarantee of their products and installation. A verbal guarantee may sound good, but anyone can promise the world and end up delivering substandard results. All guarantees on workmanship need to be in writing for them to be considered legitimate. Legitimate window tinting companies make sure that their work is professionally done with a high quality product and that the proper paperwork is in place to provide real guarantees to customers.

Multiple Online Complaints
Another thing to be wary of is hiring a tinting company that has a high number of complaints. Customers will typically only post complaints online about companies that have treated them unfairly, or have provided shoddy workmanship or product. Look out for companies that have complaints coming from many different people or you might find yourself writing your own negative review.

Refusing to Provide Referrals
True professionals will have a significantly large number of satisfied customers to call upon to provide referrals to new customers if necessary. If you contact a tint company and they are either unable or unwilling to give referrals, be extremely wary of hiring them to perform any work for you. An established professional window tint business will likely also have a portfolio of completed that they can present to customers as examples of previous jobs. Sometimes such a portfolio can be found in the form of an online image gallery, or locally at their facility.

Customers should hire window tinting companies with caution. If you’re searching for the right company, we encourage you to have a look at what customers are saying about DeDona Tint & Sound on Facebook, Google, and other places around the web to see just how much our reputation means to us. We treat our customers’ vehicles as if they were our very own, and ensure that any issue resulting from defective product or installation is resolved at no expense to the customer – you deserve nothing less! Give us a call today at (336) 851-1300, contact us directly through our website or by email at [email protected].

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