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Vinyl Wrapping

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Compared to all other forms of advertising such as radio, TV or billboards, vinyl wraps have the lowest cost-per-impression (CPI) ratio. Vinyl wraps are an easy, durable, and low-cost alternative to customized paint jobs. Rather than waiting two weeks for paint to dry and finishing touches to be added, vinyl wraps can transform your vehicle in just a few days. They go right over the original paint on the car, and can be removed at a later time.

Whether the entire vehicle is being covered or simple logos are being added, Vinyl wrapping happens in three stages.

  1. The first stage is design. What is your vision for the vehicle? What, specifically, should it look like?
  2. The second stage is preparation. The exact dimensions of the vehicle to be wrapped are taken and the design is scaled accordingly. You do not have to wrap the entire car—spot graphic logos and partial wraps are very popular.
  3. Application is the final stage. The wrap is then professionally installed, and you can expect them to stay in good condition for 5-8 years depending on your climate, and barring external factors like auto accidents or vandalism.

Any graphics in the wrap design that cover windows are printed on perforated window film. Very small holes in the film allow you to see through the graphic—though the graphic looks complete from the outside, the visibility lost from the inside is no more than you would experience with tinted window film.

Wraps do not lower the resale value of your vehicle, in fact they preserve it by protecting the original paint—they are applied with an adhesive that comes off cleanly. Wraps are offered in a number of colors, custom designs and finishes, and they can garner thousands of immediate impressions each day they’re on the road. Contact DeDona today to get your vehicle looking just the way you want it.

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