Four Vehicle Customizations to Make Winter Driving More Comfortable

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Depending on what part of the country you live in, winter driving can be a challenge. Cold weather and occasional freezes can make getting into your car each morning uncomfortable. A remote starter, GPS navigation system, paint protection film, and window tint can make driving a more pleasant experience this winter.
No matter how much you enjoy driving your SUV or car, chances are that there are some customizations that would make it better. When you consider how much time we spend in our cars each year, it makes sense to invest in upgrades that will make driving more enjoyable and comfortable. This is especially true in the winter months when climbing into a cold car in the morning becomes practically unbearable. Luckily, there are some cost-efficient ways to make cold weather driving a little more comfortable this winter.

  1. Remote Start and Entry: This affordable piece of technology allows you to start your vehicle’s engine with just the push of a button. Imagine being able to finish up your cup of coffee while your car safely warms up outside. With some remote start systems, you can defrost your windshield and back window. It allows you to warm up the interior of your vehicle so that when you go out to your car in the morning, you are able to sit down in a warm, comfortable seat with a clear windshield. Plus, it gives your engine time to warm up which is crucial to keeping it in good working order. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to sit in a cold car waiting for it to warm up while your fingers and toes freeze?
  2. GPS Navigation System: Even when the roads are bad from a winter storm, you may still need to travel to work or elsewhere. When weather conditions are unfavorable, you need to keep your focus on the road and not be worried about getting lost. A GPS navigation system helps you find your way, no matter where you are travelling. Even in poor visibility or slippery conditions, your GPS will guide you to a safe location where you can rest for the night or wait for the snow plows to clear the road. A GPS lets you focus on driving safely and helps you find alternative routes if needed.
  3. Paint Protection Film: Salt, snow, and ice can damage the paint on your vehicle. Protection films can be applied to your vehicle to protect your paint from damaging substances that are often encountered when travelling during the winter. These strong protective films prevent salt, road debris, and icy gravel from chipping or dinging your paint. Virtually unnoticeable, paint protection is a smart way to keep your vehicle looking great all year long.
  4. Window Tint: Even in the winter, the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your skin. Window tint helps to block the dangerous sun rays and protect your skin. With the shorter days we experience in the winter months, most of us end up driving in the dark quite often. Tinted windows help to reduce the distracting glare that can make night driving a challenge. It can also reduce the glare off of snow that can be quite blinding to the driver.

Customizing your vehicle is a good way to make driving more enjoyable and comfortable all year long. Just be sure that you work with a reputable company who is experienced in vehicle customization. DeDona Tint and Sound of Greensboro is the area’s premier provider of remote starters, GPS navigation systems, paint protection films, and window tint. Call us at (336) 851-1300 or contact us online for more information

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