April Contest – Win $100 off Window Tinting Services!

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All you have to do to enter the contest is comment on this post and tell us why you want your windows tinted!
At the end of the month, we will choose a lucky winner who will get a $100 discount on the Window Tinting services of their choice.
You can’t beat that!
Get creative with your comments, whoever stands out the most will get chosen!  😉

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  1. I would like my windows tinted because it’s getting hotter with each summer. I have tried at least 30 times to put tint from autozone on and failed each time. I have tint I put on last week and the bubbles jus want go away, not to mention how I have to slide a card in between the window and guard on the door to roll my windows down. I also tried the back and front window and with the exception of the slight slant on the front window it is ok, the back I removed almost as fast as I put it on. I’ve always wanted to be able pay to get it done but mistakes I made when I was young keep Uncle Sam in my pocket each paycheck. For once it’ll be nice to say I got my windows proffessionally done by Dedona and when I get an inspection next time around I don’t have to spend 30 mins peeling tint off and another hour trying to clean the glue off. Thanks for listening!!!

  2. I want my windows tinted because it will help block out some of the sun so the car will not be so hot and also so the sun will be blocked a little from burning my left arm and last but not least CAUSE IT LOOKS GREAT!!!

  3. I traded my Odyssey for an Acadia and my wife wants to have the back windows tinted darker since she was use to having window shades on the Odyssey. Probably get the front windows tinted darker too.

  4. Yo I need my car tinted dog so me and my girl can drive around naked! That’s the only reason you need tint.

  5. I want my windows tinted because I just bought my first car on April 9, and I want to do it big. The old car my mother gave to me was totaled because of a hit and run accident and after not having any wheels after a month and a half, I’m really excited about my new ride.

  6. You better pick me to win because I’m poor and I need my windows tinted because I owe people too much money …LOL

  7. I want my windows tinted because for looks and climate efficiency.
    I also want win the contest.With winning, I’ll trumpet Dedona’s name all across Guilford county to give you all more business. I’ll carry cards in the dash and everything.
    That way BOTH of us can win. 🙂

  8. Our main reason to get our windows tinted is that we are expecting a baby girl in July. Our windows have no tinting at all and we need to take it where ever we go. So to keep from having a lobster baby we would need to put up “Pooh and Tigger” shades on all the windows. We need tinted windows.
    PS. I have rolled up t-shirts before in all the windows to act as t-curtains.

  9. 5 Rreasons why I need to get my windows tinted:
    Rreason # 5) To keep you guys sharp on your mad window tinting skills.
    Rreason # 4) So I can wear my sunglasses at night.
    Rreason # 3) So everyone who sees my car will say “I want to be that guy!”
    Rreason # 2) So my girlfriend and I can have fun on the highway without truckers looking in on us to see whats going on.
    ….and most importantly….
    Rreason # 1) I am tired of cooking my “eggs” everytime I sit on the leather seats during those hot summer days!

  10. I just bought my first car, a 2001 Cadallic Catera. And nevermind justice to me, it deserves justice to itself to have freshly tinted windows to look “official”

  11. Hi,
    I want my windows tinted by Dedona because they have done an exemplary job in the past on my Tiburon. I just purchased a new 2010 Imperial Blue LT2 RS Camaro, and she is hot. So I want my windows done by the best in the business. Let’s also not forget that the owners of this company are good Christian People and Have very Good morals. They stand behind their business and have been blessed by the BEST!,
    Even if I do not win, folks should know how good the DeDona Family is…
    Thanks and I can’t wait to get the windows done on the Camaro…
    TW Scott

  12. I have heard great things about Dedona and would like to experience it for myself. I purchased an 05 BMW last year and I am trying to do things to it to spruce it up. Of course rims would help, but I can’t afford them right now. Although the tint would look great it will also help with sun. With the leather seats, it gets really hot and even with the air blowing it really doesn’t help. I know this wouldn’t top the expecting baby entry, but at least I tried.


  14. Tinting my vehicles is something I have always had installed and enjoyed immensely after doing so. I have had many forms of transportation over the years and my current vehicle is the first one that for a few months I have driven without tint; it is time. There are MANY reasons why I enjoy having tint on my vehicles. One is the fact of the car’s interior can be up to 60% cooler during the hot summer days. I am also quite faired skinned, so being able to block 99% of the damaging UV rays from the sun is another aspect of why I need tint. Not only will that protect me the days I drive all over the Triad but the interior of the car as well! In the event of an accident, tinting the glass can help shattered glass hold together, protecting my passengers and myself. (This obviously adds safety to my car) Having light eyes, I get a lot of glare from the sun and headlights of others at night, so tinting will help me drive safer by deflecting the glare I now see. To top it off I literally can have thousands of dollars worth of equipment sitting in my car so being able ‘privatize’ my vehicle will protect me against theft. (What the burglar can’t see, the burglar wont grab) With all this said, getting a home kit and doing it myself is a waste of time, and paying someone to do the job is not always a guarantee. I have heard from MANY people that this is the best place around that will do a superb job on not only the tinting (using high quality material) but having custom audio installed as well!

  15. i want my windows tinted because i loved the job you guys did on my 94 pathfinder but had to sell it due to gas prices sky rocketing. ive wanted to have my windows tinted on my car for about 6 years now but was never at the right time financially to get it done. i would never go anywhere else to get them done because i know if you want it done right DeDona is the place. i really admire the job you guys do, thank you for your time.

  16. I not only just want my windows tinted but I want them done by DEDONA and only DEDONA. I have never had tinted windows on anything I have owned 🙁 but I just bought a Scion TC and plan on fixing it up to show it off for a after market parts company a friend of mine has just opened! We have a few friends who have nice cars that will be shown as a part of bringing business to the new company and all of them of course have DEDONA stickers on their windows showing off the fact that their awesome tint job came from Dedona! Word of mouth (or the stickers) really worked to bring in business because HERE I AM! (not to mention the fact that I dont want to have to be picked on because I had the windows done somewhere other than Dedona, because trust me they will!) but the $100 off will keep me from tinting them myself and save me the embarassment! Thanks!

  17. I want my front windows tinted. I have had work done by dedona in the past i had my rear passenger windows tinted to match the other tinted windows on my saturn vue about 2 yrs ago. Dedona did such a good job when i took my car to saturn they were like, “i didnt know they made the base models with rear tint. The work is so good it looks factory. I want my windows tinted by dedona because they do the best work in the triad. Now for the creative reason………..man My saturn vue is basic manual windows manual locks. If it wasnt and 03 and in good conditions the basic features alone can classify it as a hoopdy. but its my hoopdy. Just had some engine work done cause it was messed up and now after sinking about 3 stacks in the car im not getting a new one anytime soon. so there for I need my front windows tinted to block out all the hater from the outside and keep the manual locks and roll down window handles hidden on the inside.
    ….. You cant tell that im rowing my windows down by hand if you cant see me doing it lol. Dedona tint my windows pleasseeeee!!!!!!!……oh yea….. if thats not a good enough reason….money talks lol….. dont know if this would get me a discount but i might to a power lock conversion at the same time………lol lets make a deal guys.

  18. Makes no sense why this guy won the contest…who picked the winner? Guess the guy who won knows some people from Dedona..there is no other way his comment could be number one! My friends comment was more relevant to why someone should actually need tint and not all this BS of wearing sunglasses at night and cooking his little “eggs” on the seat.

  19. We picked the winner randomly, there was no bias behind this decision. We will try to do a better job of selecting winners in the future.

  20. I have a Honda civic 05 VP with black rims and with a tinted window it would look sooo sexual like i am DIEING to have my windows tinted but its to expensive and i don’t want to do it my self D: i would love you guys for ever
    and ever

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