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Stay Cool this Summer with Window Film

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Now that summer is finally here, we can enjoy sunny days, beach trips, and more. However, as the temperatures get warmer, your home or office should stay cool! We have all experienced the hot spots that linger or the bothersome glare that shines in through windows, causing discomfort. Not only can windows welcome uncomfortable temperatures and glare, but also harmful UV rays that damage floorings, furnishings, and even people’s skin. If you want natural light to fill your space, without the negative side effects of the sun, the solution is simple: window film.

Let the Light in, Keep the Heat Out

In businesses and homes, we place a large emphasis on open floor plans and plenty of natural light. It’s no secret that natural light can improve both your home and work environment. However, it can also lead to uncomfortable temperatures. In order to keep your space cool, your HVAC system will work overtime. Not only does this lead to excessive wear on the unit, but also higher energy bills. While curtains or blinds can mitigate the problem, they can limit the amount of natural light that enters your space. With Sun Control Window Film, add years onto the life of your HVAC system, reduce energy bills, and experience comfortable temperatures year-round — all while welcoming sunlight into your space.

Protect Floorings, Furnishings, and People

We invest a lot in our space, particularly on items like hardwood flooring, artwork, and furnishings. Unfortunately, as valuable as windows are, they can cause expensive damage to our most treasured items due to the harmful UV rays they allow inside. In fact, UV rays are one of the leading causes of fading to furnishings and floorings. Not only can UV rays impact items in our space, but they can also cause harm to people. While you may think you’re safe from the UV rays inside, they actually pass through the window. This causes damage to our skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. With window film, keep yourself and the items within your home safe from UV rays, without eliminating natural light from your space.

Increase Occupant Comfort

Picture this: you’re watching television at home or working on the computer in the office. Next thing you know, glare from the sun enters your space, hindering your view of the screen. While curtains can help mitigate the problem, they can also make a place seem dark and closed off. Additionally, this can potentially lead to decreased productivity in the workplace. With window film, you can minimize glare and eyestrain while also allowing natural light to enter your space. Sunlight and reduced glare — you’ll get the best of both worlds!

As the weather heats up, your home or office shouldn’t. Stay cool this summer with window film! Not only can this innovative product help you achieve comfortable temperatures, but it can reduce bothersome glare and protect against UV rays. At DeDona Tint & Sound, we offer a variety of window film products that will meet the needs of your space.

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