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Keep Your Car Cool Inside & Out

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There is nothing less pleasant than hopping into your car after a long, summer day, and a wave of stagnant heat hits you. Not to mention, the seats and dash have been baking in the sun all day, making them hot to the touch! While you could purchase a window shade to mitigate the heat, they can be a hassle and don’t cover all the areas of your car. Are you looking for an easy solution to keep your car cool in the blistering summer heat? Try automotive window tint!

Why Use Auto Window Tint?

Automotive window tint will bring you a wide range of benefits that improve not only the comfort of your ride but also the look of your vehicle. While it is useful year-round, it is particularly beneficial in the summer months. The sun can pose a variety of problems, including glare, uncomfortable temperatures, and harmful UV rays. You shouldn’t have to worry about leaving your car outside, unprotected from both the sun and even other unwanted intruders. Rest assured knowing that window tint adds a layer of protection.

Mitigate Heat & Glare

While your car sits outside in the blistering sun, intense heat accumulates in your car. Additionally, when driving, the sun’s glare can impede your vision, making driving conditions unsafe. Acting as a layer of shade spread across all your car windows, window tint helps to reduce uncomfortable temperatures and mitigate glare from the sun.

UV Protection

You might think that you’re protected from the damaging effects of the sun while you’re in the car. However, UV rays can enter through the window, damaging not only your car’s interior but also the people within it. With window tint, you can mitigate the effects of UV rays over time, while also blocking out heat and glare for a more comfortable ride.

Increased Protection & Enhanced Aesthetics

Installing window tint on your car windows can also keep the items inside your car better hidden. Although you shouldn’t leave valuables out in the open in your car, there are times we might forget! With tinted windows, you can better hide items that might tempt a thief. Not only do tinted windows increase protection, but they can also transform the look of your car’s exterior depending on the shade you choose. Are you going for a dark, sleek look? Window tint can help you achieve that!

What Kind of Window Tint Should You Get?

Now that we’ve covered the basics about automotive window tint, you might be ready to get started. However, there are a couple of different types of window tint from which you can choose. At DeDona Tint & Sound, we offer two primary lines of auto window film so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

FX Premium Automotive Window Tint

FX Premium Automotive Window Tint provides your car with a sleek exterior look, while also keeping temperatures inside cool. By rejecting 44% of the sun’s solar energy through your windows and blocking up to 99% of UV rays, feel at ease knowing that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are comfortable and protected. Additionally, it blocks up to 91% of glare from the sun! Manufactured with carbon-infused dye, it is warrantied as long as you own your car to never peel, bubble, or purple.

3M Ceramic IR Automotive Window Tint

If you’re looking for both a sleek look and impeccable heat rejection, 3M Ceramic IR auto tint is the solution for you. Made with nano-ceramic particles, it offers up to 95% heat rejection and 66% solar energy rejection, reducing the feel of the sun on the skin. The view out of your windows remains virtually unchanged due to the film’s low interior reflectivity. Additionally, it’s metal-free design won’t interfere with cell signals. Like the FX Premium, it is warrantied as long as you own your car to never bubble, peel, or purple.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your car’s exterior or improve the comfort of your car’s interior, DeDona Tint & Sound can provide you with high-quality products and installation to meet your needs. From increased comfort to improved aesthetics and protection, auto window tint will keep your car cool inside and out!

At DeDona Tint & Sound in Greensboro, we offer window film for residential and commercial spaces, along with automotive services including wraps, graphics, audio and security features, and more. With over 20 years of experience, we ensure that every customer leaves feeling respected and satisfied with the quality of our products and installation. Get your free quote today!

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