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Rock Your Boat: 4 Tips for the Best Marine Audio Systems

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A day on the lake water skiing, tubing, or just riding in the boat can be fun, but it’s even better if you can listen to your favorite music. Music can set the mood, add to the fun, and make the day with friends more memorable.
Of course listening to your music means you have to be able to hear it, and most standard audio systems are not designed to overcome noise on the water. Not to mention that audio systems designed for cars can’t stand up to the sun, salt, and moisture of a marine environment.
Whether you want to install or upgrade an audio system for your boat, be sure to keep in mind the following four factors:
Water-Resistant Versus Waterproof
While these two terms sound similar, what you pick depends on the level of protection you want. Water-resistant equipment can handle splashes of water and light rain, but is not built for submersion. Waterproof equipment can be fully submerged; however, the amount of time underwater and the depth of protection will vary by product and manufacturer.
Beat the Sun’s Heat
Look for UV-resistant receiver faceplates, speaker cones, and grilles so these products can withstand the sun.
Fight Salt Water
If you’ll have your boat in the ocean or sound, you’ll want anti-corrosion gear. Make sure you have coated circuit boards, plated connections, a rust-resistant frame, and marine-rated wiring.
Broaden Your Options
Consider a marine receiver with Bluetooth or an auxiliary input so you can stream music from your smartphone. Satellite radio is also a great option since satellite reception extends up to 200 miles offshore.
Consult With a Boating Audio Expert
The team at DeDona Tint and Sound have a passion for boating and experience installing audio systems in all sizes of boats. Let us help you pick the perfect audio system for your boat. Get an estimate or call us at 336-851-1300.

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