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Reattaching / Regluing Rear View Mirrors

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One minute you’re glancing at the vehicle behind you through the rear view mirror, the next you hit a pothole and find that the mirror is dangling from the windshield or laying on the floor. Maybe your car or truck has been sitting under the hot sun all day, and you return to the vehicle to find that the mirror has come loose. It may have even come off in your hand while attempting to adjust the mirror’s position, or after someone accidentally bumped into it. Quite a surprise when it happens but sometimes rear view mirrors will detach from the glass, however the fix is not difficult or prohibitively expensive.

Most vehicles use a simple glue joint to hold the rear view mirror onto the windshield, and this adhesive can sometimes fail from excessive heat and humidity or simply from the passage of time. If you have some fuzzy dice or other items hanging from the mirror it can increase the likelihood that the mirror may detach from the added weight.

Fortunately, reattaching the rear view mirror is a fairly simple process, but 5-minute epoxy and superglue won’t cut it as a more permanent solution – it needs to be done right with a quality adhesive with the same or greater strength than what was used by the vehicle manufacturer.

We use a specialized adhesive called Kiling On (an auto glass provider exclusive product) that is formulated to permanently bond glass to metal, and resistant to heat and exposure to humidity and chemicals. After a quick one-time application, your rear view mirror is reattached and achieves mounting strength within minutes – you won’t need to leave your vehicle for hours afterward while the adhesive cures.

We reattach rear view mirrors on countless vehicles during windshield replacements; this is a procedure we are extremely familiar with and our workmanship is guaranteed under warranty.

Call DeDona Auto Glass at (336) 851-1380, contact us online, or visit our local facility in Greensboro and one of our expert technicians will professionally reattach your rear view mirror.

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