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Custom Vinyl Graphics That Turn Heads

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If you’re looking for a way to set your ride apart from the rest, the exterior is the best place to start. All kinds of customization options are available like window tint, badges, and wheels, and you can take your ride to the next level with vinyl graphics from DeDona Tint & Sound that are sure to draw attention!

Choosing your design
The first step is to decide how much (or how little) of the vehicle exterior should be covered and which design you would like to use. Maybe you’d like stripes on the hood, roof and trunk, or perhaps complete coverage on the certain areas like the roof, pillars, mirrors, etc. We’re happy to recommend design possibilities, and can accommodate customers who would like to use their own custom design.

Choosing the right colors
Once you’ve settled on a design, now it’s time to decide which color(s) to use. When choosing the color of your vinyl graphics, it’s important to consider how these colors will complement your vehicle’s natural color. If you’re after a bold look, we can use bright and vibrant colors including shades of yellow, blue, orange, red and more. For something more neutral, blacks, grays, metallics and carbon fiber patterns are available. There’s no rule against mixing and matching either, this is completely up to you, and we will help guide your decision if needed.

Choose your finish
Now that your design and colors have been nailed down, you’ll need to determine whether you prefer a matte or gloss finish. Matte vinyl graphics are more subdued with a flat finish, meaning less glare and reflection. Matte black and gray are very common choices among our customers, but many other colors are also available (see our full color selection on our Vinyl Graphics page). Glossy vinyl offers a shinier surface similar to the factory paint of most vehicles, with very vibrant colors that stand out against the background. Both finishes are equally popular, but which one you choose simply depends on your own personal tastes. Matte and gloss vinyl graphics can also be used together if desired.

Graphics for business
For businesses wanting to display their brand to as many potential customers as possible, a vinyl wrap provides excellent exposure that is cost effective and far reaching. If you’d like a company logo or other designs and wording applied on your daily driver or company vehicles, we can help!

Turn heads with vinyl graphics from DeDona Tint & Sound
Our large assortment of vehicle graphics has something for everyone – a full range of colors in whichever finish you prefer, designs that range from subtle and subdued to bold and full of attitude. DeDona’s extensive selection coupled with our reputation for excellence result in a customized ride that you’ll absolutely love. We provide high quality, creative, customized vinyl wraps and accents with guaranteed professional installation. Call us today at (336) 851-1300, or request a quote directly through our website.

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