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Product Spotlight: SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film

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Going for a drive in your car means having to contend with more than just bad drivers. The environment can pose a threat as well! For example, your car’s exterior is susceptible to damage from gravel, salt, chemicals, and other elements that accumulate on the road. Being aware of this may prompt you to consider how to protect your car. Luckily, products like ceramic coating and paint protection film (commonly known as PPF) can help keep your vehicle’s finish looking good as new. Furthermore, there’s a product that combines the benefits of these two products: SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film!

PPF vs. Ceramic Coating

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s exterior, PPF and ceramic coating are some of the most popular products on the market. While both products provide protection from the elements, they do so in different ways:

  • Paint protection film creates an invisible layer of defense over your car’s paint. It has special self-healing properties that protect your vehicle from scratches caused by gravel, rocks, and other debris. 
  • Ceramic coating chemically bonds to a car’s paint. It creates a hydrophobic surface that keeps your car cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean when it does eventually get dirty. However, ceramic coating does not offer the same level of protection as paint protection film. 

Regardless of which option you choose, ceramic coating or paint protection film are excellent choices for extending the life of your vehicle and making maintenance much easier. But if you’re looking to achieve both a sleek, easy-clean surface plus protection against debris, SunTek Reaction PPF can give you the best of both worlds!

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a revolutionary product for vehicle owners looking to maintain their vehicle’s shine while preventing damage from rocks and debris. By combining the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating with the self-healing properties of paint protection film, SunTek creates a winning combination that ensures your car looks brand new. 

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film provides long-lasting protection that seals out the elements. It preserves original colors and finishes, so you don’t have to worry about scratches and scuffs. With Reaction PPF, you can enjoy your drive without fearing potential damage to your car’s paint job.

The Benefits of Reaction Paint Protection Film

Easy-to-Clean Surface

Reaction PPF is the ideal material for easy cleaning. Its slick surface and innovative Tetrashield coating allow water to easily runoff, creating a hydrophobic effect that deters dirt, grime, and other contaminants from sticking to and staining the surface. Tetrashield technology has revolutionized easy cleaning, making Reaction PPF your go-to material for easy removal of unwanted filth.

Stain Protection

Keeping your car’s paint looking sleek can be difficult and time-consuming. You must consider stain resistance against acid rain and bird droppings to maintain the brilliant shine. Reaction PPF offers up to 25% increased stain protection so that your car’s shiny bright finish remains unmarred. Whether you want a partial fender installation or full coverage, you won’t find any other stain protection product as comprehensive as Reaction PPF on the market today.

Self-Healing Technology

Reaction Paint Protection Film utilizes self-healing technology to keep your car protected. This advanced self-healing technology helps surfaces heal themselves when subjected to minor scratches caused by rocks, salt, keys, and more. Not only does this considerably reduce the effort required for minor repair and maintenance, but it also ensures that your vehicle remains looking flawless for years to come.

Backed By an Impressive Warranty

Reaction PPF is backed by an impressive 12-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, SunTek. This superior protection plan is made possible when installed by a professional like the team at DeDona Tint & Sound. Every client who chooses this product can trust that their vehicle will be kept safe from road debris for many years to come.

A vehicle is a significant investment, and it’s essential to protect it! Luckily, SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film makes it easy for drivers to do just that. Want to keep your car looking as if you just drove it off the lot? Contact the professionals at DeDona Tint & Sound to learn more.

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