Removing Acid Rain Stains from Auto Glass

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An unfortunate and annoying product of today’s incessant air pollution is acid rain. Acid rain can take form as rain, snow, fog, and even dust. The damage it causes to car paint and windows can be permanent if not properly taken care of.

Let’s get down to the science of the matter. It is not the water that leaves marks or etches the glass. The minerals are the culprits. Calcium and magnesium seep into the pores of the glass. As for acid rain, the polluted elements of the rain are what cause the car harm.

There are two types of water spots—Stage One Corrosion and Stage Two Corrosion. Stage One Corrosion refers to light to moderate damage to the paint surface. Stage Two is concerned with more serious paint damage and acid rain.

Below surface, or etched, acidic watermarks are caused by an acidic solution or a destructive alkaline. These cause a chemical reaction that will etch the paint or window over time if left untreated. Etched acid rain spots are perhaps the most difficult to remove, often taking several attempts.

In short, acid rain stains can be difficult to remove from an automobile. Whether it is on your windows or paint, it can often take more than one attempt. With preventative cleaning or the proper products, however, those rain spots on your windshield and windows can become a thing of the past, or at the very least minimized.

Preventing Acid Rain Corrosion
Get your car professionally washed on a regular basis. If you prefer not to spend the money and time to consistently get it washed, wash your windows immediately after it rains or snows. The more immediate the cleaning, the more likely you are to eliminate acid rain before it seeps into the pores of the glass. Remember to always thoroughly dry your vehicle (including windows) after washing it. Applying a coat of wax regularly is also highly recommended to avoid spots on your paint.

Removing Existing Rain Spots
If you already find yourself looking through a windshield and windows covered in water stains, there are products available to get rid of them. One such product which we use to treat our customers’ vehicles is Nu-Glass from Duragloss. Nu-Glass is a blend of cleaners and selected abrasives formulated to remove water spots from glass surfaces without scratching.

Many drivers are rightfully concerned about unintentionally scratching their vehicle’s glass, but Nu-Glass has been specifically formulated to provide a pristine polish without scratching or distorting the glass. So before you grab a potentially harmful product like steel wool (which can cover your glass in a swarm of micro-scratches), consider this as a great option which we are proud to offer.

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