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Get Your Boat Ready for Summer 2013! Marine Audio from DeDona

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As the weather begins to warm up, it’s nearing that time to dust off your watercraft and head out for a good time on the lake or down at the beach. Getting away from it all while enjoying the water in solitude, or in the company of family and friends, is the best part of the experience, but you can make it even better with a custom marine audio system from DeDona Tint & Sound.

Premium water-resistant stereo equipment
To put it simply, we love our music, and we know you do too, but there’s no reason you have to leave premium sound behind when you park your ride and take the boat out on the water. For almost 20 years, DeDona has been helping boat owners just like you with professional installation of the finest marine audio products from companies like Alpine and JL Audio including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and head units.

Unlike car stereo equipment, marine audio components are designed specifically to withstand lengthy sun exposure and resist corrosion resulting from contact with saltwater.

UV Exposure
Being out on the water means a lot of sunlight, which translates into UV ray exposure. Similar to how sunlight damages furniture and flooring over time, a lot of sun can also cause your stereo equipment to degrade over time. Quality marine audio components are specifically designed and built to withstand years of destructive sunlight.

Whether on purpose or by accident, being out on a boat means getting wet from time to time, and your stereo has to be able to take the abuse. We install rugged, capable and long-lasting components that are designed to handle limited exposure to water without breaking a sweat.

Saltwater Corrosion
Plowing through waves and making the beach your playground is part of the boating experience at the shore, but saltwater presents a unique problem to exposed components in the form of corrosion.  The salty humidity on the ocean does most of the damage, so even if the stereo is never directly splashed with saltwater, its lifespan will be drastically reduced without proper sealing and internal protection.
All Alpine marine products undergo American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tests for ASTM B117 salt spray/fog, as well as ASTM G154/D4329 UV resistance. The CDA-118M waterproof head unit, marine speakers, subwoofer and remote commanders also are tested for water intrusion, as set by the National Electronics Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards. The remote controls are NEMA tested for water and dust intrusion. JL Audio products are similarly manufactured to overcome and protect against these elements.

What kind of power do I need?
As you may already know from experience, powerboats produce a significant amount of low frequency noise that will all but drown out smaller full-range speakers. A quality subwoofer provides more powerful low frequency output to cut through the motor noise, and also takes a load off your speakers, resulting in a clearer, crisper listening experience. Of course, you’ll also need a powerful and efficient amplifier to deliver the necessary power, and quality speakers to enjoy the high frequency spectrum.

What features are available?
If you are familiar with an automotive system sporting features like iPod and iPhone control, USB mass storage capability, Bluetooth, CD/mp3 playback, XM and HD radio, and convenient remote operation, you won’t have to go without anything! Many quality marine audio systems offer all of these features, and many others.

If you’re ready for the best sound you’ve ever experienced on the water, call DeDona Tint & Sound today at (336) 851-1300, or contact us directly through our website for more information on our marine systems, installation options and pricing.

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