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How Long Does Window Tint Last?

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Just as parts on a vehicle will break or wear down over time, window tint will also eventually need to be replaced. How long your tint lasts depends on a number of factors including the quality and type of film you choose, how much direct sunlight the tint is exposed to, and the quality of the installation.

Generally speaking, with window tint you get what you pay for – cheap dyed tint film can begin to degrade in a matter of months in warm climates and lots of sunlight. Quality dyed film can last for a couple of years easily under normal conditions. Hybrid films can last 5 years or more, and sputtered or deposited films will last up to a decade and sometimes more.
Stepping up to more advanced options like carbon or ceramic tint films can mean an even longer life for the tint, and many are covered by a lifetime warranty which means if any defects in the product or installation are noticed, replacement of the tint won’t come out of your pocket.

Bubbling and color shifting is a common sight in the tint industry, and can be caused by a number of factors including the quality of the film and how skilled the installer was. Any amount of air trapped between the tint and the glass will eventually cause more problems down the road, but even if the install looks clean, cheap film often begins bubbling, color shifting, glazing or peeling within the first year. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle with tint that is a purplish color, that is color shifting in action, and when that starts to happen the tint simply must be removed and replaced. Overall, cheap tint is adequate on a small budget and for short amounts of time, but in the long run replacing it over and over again will become more expensive than installing a quality tint.

Another common factor in the life of window tint is the type of window cleaner being used on the glass. Many cleaners found at the store and at service stations contain ammonia – window tint’s worst enemy. Regularly cleaning tinted windows with a solution containing ammonia will drastically reduce the life of the tint, so avoid those and stick with products like Aquapel that are ammonia-free and safe for tint.

Professional installation and proper care will ensure that your window tint lasts as long as possible. Call DeDona at (336) 851-1300 and we will be happy to help you choose the right type of tint to fit your preference.

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