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How Advertising with Car Wraps Impacts Branding

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Few things can be as valuable a branding tool as car and fleet wraps. They can be an important part of corporate branding in a world where it’s vital to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Portraying your brand identity to a broad audience can be a challenge but it’s something that’s easily accomplished with vehicle advertising wraps for your car, van or fleet.

Effective branding defines a business’s personality and helps build a connection with customers. Wraps allow for a ton of creative leeway that allows you to show off this personality to an incredible amount of people every day.

Think of your vehicle or your fleet of vehicles as mobile billboards. Gone are the days of waiting for cars to pass your business along a busy street or hoping they’ll notice your commercial on TV. Car wrap advertising garners the attention you need where the people are, whether you’re stopped for gas, at a traffic light or sponsoring a local event. On-the-go advertising gives onlookers in your area the perfect glimpse of your brand with just the right amount of contact information to commit to memory.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council, a division of the OAAA, vehicle wraps generate 30,000 to 70,000 impression a day. These wraps keep your brand image constant and front of mind for the thousands of potential customers that have visibility to them every single day. Is it something your business can afford to do without?

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