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The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

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Whether you’ve got a straight-from-the-factory paint or a custom paint job on your on your ride, you can protect it all over with paint protection film from DeDona. How can you benefit from paint protection film?

  1. It protects the whole body of your vehicle from knicks, chips, scratches, and debris. Unlike some partial protection, which only protects the front end of your vehicle only, TruCut paint protection film covers the whole vehicle so no more worries from gravel, sand, and those sticky tar strings that collect when you have to drive through road construction and paving areas. Plus, Dedona offers kits for those areas that need the most protection – rocker panels, hoods, bumpers, and door edges.
  2. You can’t tell the paint protection film is there. Sure, you know it’s there, but you can’t see the seams. You get a clear, super smooth finish with no wrinkles, bumps, or bubbles. It’s like shrink wrap for your car.
  3. It’s tough because it was developed for use by the U.S. military to protect helicopter blades during the Vietnam War era. It was also used during Desert Storm to protect vehicles from dust and sand. The beauty is, you can wash and wax your finish just like you would a regular paint job and if you need to replace it, the cost is pretty cheap.
  4. Custom install is highly recommended for the utmost in quality workmanship. Custom means the wrap is designed specifically for your car, not just your year, make, and model. Custom means you get a smooth seamless look, wrapped edges, and no air bubbles. That makes paint protection film ideal for vintage autos.
  5. You get 100% protection against chips and an awesome 5 year warranty on TruCut paint protection film installed by DeDona. Read more about it here.

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