Five Reasons You Need a Remote Start for Your Vehicle

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A remote start system is a valuable addition to any vehicle. It not only makes your ride more comfortable by allowing you to warm or cool your car before driving, it can help your engine’s performance as well. With professional installation from DeDona Tint and Sound, you can be enjoying the many benefits of a remote start system in no time.

  1. Comfort: One of the most popular reasons that consumers choose to purchase a remote start is that they want their vehicle to be warm or cool by the time they get in. A remote start enables you to run your air conditioner or heater for a few minutes before you enter the vehicle. This allows your car to reach a comfortable temperature with just the push of a button on your remote control.
  2. Convenience: With a remote start system, you only need to push a button to start your car. This makes warming up your vehicle very easy as you rush around in the morning. You are not stuck sitting in your vehicle while it warms up on cold winter days. Instead, you can stay in your comfortable home and wait.
  3. Safety: Because remote systems feature a locking device, you don’t have to worry about someone driving away with your car while you are warming it up. Rear defrost activation, available on select vehicles, ensures that  your windows are clear for driving.
  4. Engine performance: Giving your engine time to warm up is better for its overall performance.  Warming your engine allows your oil to become more viscous, which provides better lubrication for all of your parts.
  5. Improve Resale Value: A remote start is a valuable addition to your vehicle which can improve resale value when comes time to sell.

Visit DeDona Tint and Sound at 5121 W. Market Street in Greensboro to find out more about a remote start for your vehicle. We provide high quality window tint, custom audio systems, and auto security systems as well. We are conveniently located to serve customers in High Point, Winston Salem, Reidsville, Burlington, and all surrounding areas of NC. Call us at 336-851-1300.

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