DroneMobile – Reinventing Remote Vehicle Control

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In June 2010, Firstech, LLC/CompuStar released a next generation, groundbreaking addition to their product line that will change the way motorists interact with their vehicle. This revolutionary new system, called DroneMobile™, puts total control of a vehicle in your hands, from any mobile device, smart phone, or any computer with an internet connection.
Drone is a complete “re-wire”, if you will, of the traditional remote control service for vehicles. From the project’s inception, Drone was designed to perform above and beyond all other remote vehicle operation services, and still provide a very practical and intuitive user interface. Utilizing a web-based user interface, Drone will enable you to gain full access to its wide array of features from any device, be it computer or phone, from anywhere. Let’s take a look at the many ways CompuStar’s DroneMobile can work for you.

Ease of Use

Though this point may be considered a given, it remains one of the key factors when considering a remote start and operation system for your vehicle. Web Control allows you to access your vehicle options from anywhere, with any device having an internet connection. You can perform any action available in the system through your desktop computer, laptop, or smart-phone. You can even use multiple phones or computers if you frequently change devices, so you will not be tied down to access from one device.

Loads of Features

A remote start and vehicle management system is worth nothing without the features you need, and with this in mind CompuStar has designed DroneMobile to be your ultimate solution.
Web Control – Access the system from anywhere, at any time.
Remote Start – Start your vehicle from your current location, no matter where you are.
Keyless Entry – Lock and Unlock your vehicle from anywhere.
Truck Release – Open your vehicle’s trunk.
Panic – Activate your vehicle’s alarm system remotely.
GPS Tracking – Allows visual and coordinate tracking of your vehicle on a map, and will also display other status information such as battery voltage, temperature, alarm status, and more. You can also receive updates and alerts for geo-fencing, points of interest, theft, towing, curfew violations, speed violations, battery health and service reminders.
Multiple Vehicles – Add multiple vehicles to one account, allowing you full control over all of them without the need for separate accounts and complex management. With one application, you get full control over all your vehicles with DroneMobile installed, and alerts for each vehicle.

Full Smart Phone Support

Whether you are an iPhone, Blackberry or Android user, DroidMobile will work for you. iPhone is currently fully supported, and Blackberry and Android versions are already on the way. DroneMobile can also be accessed without the smart phone application, just visit live.dronemobile.com/login from any web browser, including mobile browsers, and you’re ready to go.
DroneMobile is defined by ease of use and a diverse feature set, and is quite possibly the best remote vehicle operation service available. DeDona Tint and Sound is now installing these systems! Contact us for more information about equipping your vehicle with DroneMobile from CompuStar.

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