Drone Mobile – Convenient GPS Tracking and Remote Start

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GPSs are a lot like cell phones; you wonder where on earth you would be without them and can’t remember life before them.  Drone Mobile however takes GPS technology to a whole new level.  This is an iPhone application for a vehicle GPS, remote start and security. We love and highly endorse Drone Mobile. This blog outlines the benefits of this amazing application.

  • Drone Mobile is compatible with all vehicles.
  • The service is really affordable.  It starts around $2.50 per month and the first year will be free
  • The Drone Mobile application makes life for motorists much easier
  • You can lock your vehicle with the touch of a button
  • You can tell your engine to start and stop
  • You can tell your vehicle to open or close windows
  • Alerts will be sent to your phone if your vehicle is under any threat or possible theft
  • If you can’t locate your vehicle, Drone Mobile helps you locate your vehicle through a GPS.  (This is especially helpful within large, urban cities.)
  • Through special preference settings you can program the application to offer you other alerts such as car maintenance checks.
  • If you don’t have a Smart Phone or iPhone, no worries!  Any cell phone is compatible with Drone Mobile.

Click here for more information and call us at 336-851-1300 or send us a message to learn more about Drone Mobile today.

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