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Car Alarm Systems from DeDona Tint & Sound

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Peace of mind is increasingly hard to come by these days, especially where automobiles are concerned. From the days of the very first cars, they have been prime targets for thieves because of their value and what might be left inside. DeDona Tint & Sound knows vehicle security is an important concern for every driver – installing an alarm system is an excellent way to deter someone from trying to illegally enter or operate your vehicle.

Essentially, a car alarm system consists of one or more sensors linked to a siren which produces and audible warning when an unauthorized individual attempts to enter the vehicle. Of course, there’s a bit more depth and complexity to modern alarm systems, having an array of sensors and motion detectors throughout the vehicle. In some cases alarm sirens can be customized to make an audible alert preselected by the owner, and most alarms include a receiver which can detect input from a keyless system. These days alarms are on the cutting edge of technology, allowing for mobile alerts via text/cell phone whenever the vehicle’s alarm is tripped, and also allowing you to track the movement of your vehicle should it fall into the wrong hands.

Unless you are absolutely confident in your experience and ability, alarm systems should always be handled by professional installers. If you choose to buy a system and install it yourself, there may be many unforeseen issues, and improperly tampering with any electronics can lead so some extremely serious problems. Having an alarm system installed by professionals means you get a guarantee on the work performed, and the job will be done correctly. If problems arise due to workmanship, the installer will make it right. We can’t speak for everyone, but at DeDona that’s a commitment we make to all of our customers.

There are many reasons to install an alarm system if your vehicle is not equipped with one. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount on your premium after installation of an alarm. The bottom line is, if you enjoy your vehicle, or like the way it looks and drives, chances are someone else does to, and that person might be inclined to make an attempt at depriving you of it. Protect your investment; protect yourself and your family.

Contact DeDona Tint & Sound today at (336) 851-1300 or contact us directly through the website and let us provide you with a more secure vehicle and enhance your peace of mind.

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