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Car Audio Insulation (Sound Deadening) for a Quieter Driving Experience

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Today customers demand quality and value from their vehicles. Aftermarket components like premium stereo systems, navigation, overhead/headrest video systems and window tint all improve the driving experience, but there two annoyances none of us are able to escape – road noise and vibration.

When automakers manufacture a vehicle, sound deadening auto insulation materials are installed at various key locations, like floor pans and door panels, designed to reduce road noise and vibration while driving. If you’ve ever noticed how quiet and smooth the ride is in a high-end luxury vehicle, it is important to realize that these insulating materials play a major role in that experience.

So, what are the benefits that come with installation of high quality car audio insulation materials?

1. Reduction in Road and Engine Noise
Much of the noise you hear inside the cabin of your vehicle comes from the vehicle’s tires rolling against the pavement as well as the sound of engine noise and acceleration. By adding a barrier in the form of auto insulation material in floor pans and other locations, much of this unwanted noise can be eliminated.

2. Vibration Reduction
High-power sound systems can cause all kinds of mysterious noises, mostly resulting from vibrating panels in the trunk and doors from subwoofers and loud speakers. To prevent this, sound deadening materials are applied between the interior panels and metal surfaces beneath which results in a much cleaner listening experience, minus the vibrating and rattling of panels.

3. Temperature Control
Aside from the acoustic improvements listed above, auto insulation is also the foundation for interior comfort because it helps maintain a consistent interior temperature. Older and cheaper vehicles often have very sparse insulation coverage and that means it can be difficult to keep the interior temperature comfortable. With installation of high quality insulation throughout, the vehicle’s interior temperature will be much more consistent which means happy drivers and passengers.

The self-adhesive sound deadening insulation we use is completely discrete and will make a dramatic difference in your driving experience. For more information on installation and pricing, please contact us here, or by phone at (336) 851-1300.

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