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Blind Spot Monitoring and Alert Systems

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Over the years, manufacturers have regularly added new safety features to keep drivers safe and secure while operating the vehicle. While some features like seatbelts have now mandated, there are newer ones like blind spot monitoring systems that aren’t but are just as useful in their own way.

Blind spot monitoring is a technology that began gaining much popularity in the States after companies like Volvo, Ford, and Mazda began offering their own integrated blind spot monitor systems in the late 2000s. Ever since, it has become an increasingly common feature but many low- and mid-prices vehicles are still not equipped with it because of cost. Now, you can have your very own blind spot alert system installed right here at DeDona!

How does a blind spot monitoring system work?
Using sensors place at key point on the vehicle (usually on the sides of the rear bumper), the system is able to detect the presence of vehicles and other larger objects like people when they come within range. If an object is detected, the driver will receive a visual and/or audible warning indicating that it is not safe to switch lanes.

Alerts you can see and hear.
DeDona’s blind spot monitoring systems are a combination of a couple key components. First, we install a sensor on either side of your rear bumper. These sensors, as mentioned above, are designed to detect vehicles and large objects that come along side you while you’re driving or parked. Secondly, we install two indicators in the interior, on the A pillars on either side of the windshield. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the indicator on the corresponding side will light up to let you know. If the indicator is on and you activate your turn signal on the same side, you will hear an audible beeping noise that will get your attention.  (cont.)

It’s a simple and effective way to always know when a vehicle is hitting in the blind spot. When properly adjusted, side mirrors can normally show you most of the blind spot area, but not always, and it can be easy to forget to check mirrors when changing lanes.

You can drive safer than ever with a blind spot monitoring system from DeDona. Think you can’t afford it? The investment is likely smaller than you think. Give us a call at (336) 851-1300 or contact us online to request more information or a quote for your very own blind spot monitoring system!

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