GPS Tracking for Cars

Keep Tabs on Your Vehicles and Achieve True Peace of Mind with GPS Tracking

Having a GPS Tracking System enables your business to effectively manage its fleet with ease. With the advances in technology our lives become simplified, safer and more comfortable. Now with Drone GPS your vehicle and your loved ones have never been safer.

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Drone GPS Tracking for Cars

Drone offers you full control of your vehicle via a web browser and cellular phone. If your vehicle is stolen you will be immediately notified via cell phone and e-mail with the theft message and the vehicle’s location. LiveTrack feature gives you the ability to stay connected, following your vehicle’s every move, speed and location. In addition, you can disable the starter so the engine cannot be restarted. These are only a few of Drone’s immense features.

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Message GPS Tracking

    You pay a one time fee for 1, 3, or 5 years of coverage. With that fee you get unlimited messages to and from your vehicle.

  • Remote Start

    When you pair the Drone GPS with a CompuStar remote start system you can start your vehicle from anywhere you have internet or cellular phone service!

  • Seamless Interface

    The user interface for the Drone GPS system is easily accessed and configured through your personal computer. Settings are managed through your personal web interface.

  • Set Curfews and Perimeters

    You can set curfews and perimeters for your vehicle and if it is broken then Drone will send you an e-mail or text message.

  • Mobile Access

    If you have a cellular phone with text message capability you can access your system. There’s no need for enhanced data connectivity.

  • Live Map Tracking

    A detailed map shows your vehicle location and information. You can start and stop live tracking your vehicle, lock and unlock, remote start and even view history of operations; all on this screen.