5 Reasons to Tint Your Fleet

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If you manage a fleet of vehicles, it’s time to consider tinting your windows. No, this isn’t about making your fleet look “cooler” (although that’s a great benefit), this is about the many benefits that tinting brings to your fleet and your hard-working drivers. In fact, we’ve got five reasons why window tinting is one of the greatest benefits you didn’t know you were missing out on!

1. Protection Against Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

On days when the sun is out in full force and your drivers spend many hours behind the wheel, tinted windows greatly reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays your drivers and your car interior are exposed to. With that kind of protection against the sun’s rays, your vehicle’s interior will be better sheltered against the possibility of fading or cracking, and your drivers will appreciate that extra level of protection, too!

2. Glare Reduction/Better Visibility for Drivers

If your drivers experience frequent headaches while on the road, it may be due to the harsh glare from the sun. Tinting your fleet’s windows significantly cuts down on issues caused by sun glare, and it also increases your drivers’ safety as they won’t have to squint or pull down their sun visor which can obstruct parts of their vision while behind the wheel. Fewer headaches and higher visibility? Now that’s a win-win!

3. Cooling Comfort for Drivers

Because tinted windows deflect ultraviolet rays, one of the biggest benefits of tinting your fleet is that it will also keep your vehicles cooler, and that makes your drivers happier! Drivers won’t have to crank the AC as high thanks to the tinting doing its job! Which, leads us to our fourth reason …

4. Savings on Gas Mileage

You’re going to see some small savings which will really add up when it comes to your vehicles’ gas mileage! If drivers don’t have to work the AC as hard, fuel won’t be burned up as quickly. Saving on gas mileage is huge when you have an entire fleet to fuel. Not to mention, it’s easier on the electronic systems too since extreme temperatures may cause added stress and wear and tear.

5. Privacy that Protects

Chances are, your drivers are toting around some pretty pricey supplies within their vehicles. When one of your fleet vehicles is parked and unattended while a driver is at a job, tinted windows ensure that passerbys won’t be tempted to break into the vehicle to get to whatever they can see that looks appealing inside. While you never suspect you’ll be dealing with a break-in, it’s always wise to be prepared!

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You can get an estimate on window tinting today! Simply fill out our online form, and let DeDona Tint and Sound take it from there! Along with our standard films, we offer a high-grade film that has an 85-95 percent heat rejection rate, as compared to other films which only offer a 25-30 percent rejection rate.

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