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4 Reasons to Invest in Remote Start for Your Car

In Remote Start by DeDona Tint & Sound

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Picture this: It’s a cold winter day. You’re about to get in the car and head off to work when you remember that your vehicle needs some time to defrost! Suddenly you’re running late, as you try to defrost your windshield to allow for some visibility and, of course, warm up the interior so you aren’t freezing cold. With cool weather ahead, there’s no better time to invest in a remote start for your car. Say goodbye to late departures and chilly rides. There are many reasons you should invest in a remote start for your vehicle.

With Remote Start, You Can:

Increase Comfort

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car in the morning after a long winter’s night and waiting for it to warm up. With the cooler months nearing, a remote start can increase the comfort of your ride! Before you get into your vehicle, simply start your car from the comfort of your home or office. By the time you hop into your vehicle, it will be at your desired temperature. This results in increased comfort not only in the winter but also on a hot summer day! Remote starters can increase the comfort of your drive no matter the season.

Improve Safety

Not only can a remote starter improve the comfort of your ride, but it also enhances the safety. Warming up your car before driving is critical to visibility on a cool winter day. When the windshield is covered in frost, it’s nearly impossible to see. When in a rush, some people might not wait for complete visibility! With a remote start, you can ensure that your windshield is defrosted and clear before you enter the car. Not to mention, warming up the car before driving can also help to melt ice off of headlights and taillights, making it easier for other vehicles to see you on the road.

While it might be safe for you to start your car in your driveway and leave the keys inside while it warms up, you also run the risk of someone simply hopping in and driving away. Not to mention, if your car is in a public place or if you live at an apartment complex, you probably shouldn’t leave your keys in your vehicle while it’s running. With a remote start, your car can thoroughly warm up before you enter, and you can keep it locked and safe in the process.

Boost Resale Value

When you invest in a remote starter, you’ll not only enjoy all of the benefits as an owner, but it can also help you when it comes time to sell your car. A remote start installation can boost the resale value of your vehicle, giving you more leverage as the car owner. A buyer would likely be willing to pay extra for such a beneficial feature.

Save Some Time

No more waking up extra early to heat up your car before you head out. With a remote start, you can stay indoors a little bit longer, enjoying the warmth. Instead of sitting in your car for 15 minutes, waiting for it to defrost and heat up, skip the hassle. Stay in bed a little longer, enjoy some breakfast, and start your car from the comfort of the indoors.

At DeDona Tint & Sound, we want to help you improve the comfort, safety, and convenience of your ride. Some of our remote start upgrades include:

  • Rear defrost activation
  • Passive arming/locking
  • Trunk release
  • Panic/car find
  • and more!

Learn more about remote starter installations at DeDona Tint & Sound, and invest in comfort today!

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