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Window Tinting for Business and Government

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Window tint has been extremely popular for years. It looks good, blocks UV rays, increase interior comfort and much more. The same tint film technology people have used on vehicles is also available for businesses as well, and if your business has large windows that receive a lot of sunlight, applying window tint film can save you money, make the interior space more comfortable and help protect your investments.

Save on energy costs
Let’s first consider one of the main universal concerns—your money. Just like a car needs shade or a windshield visor to keep the sun from turning the front seat into an oven, allowing heat to enter a building will have you running up your air conditioning bill. Tinted exterior windows help to maintain a steady temperature, and keep energy costs to a minimum. Operational expenses are a key focus for owners and managers, and this is one way to definitively decrease your cooling costs year after year.

Personal Health
The fact is the same UV Rays that are waiting outside your door, can be there with you inside the business, especially those with large windows in the case of many retail locations. With tinted windows, everyone inside has a sunscreen which shields them from almost every bit of UV radiation exposure.

This is one of the main reasons why our customers have tint installed on their vehicles. In a culture of constant sharing and interaction, people still value their privacy while they work, or sit in a waiting area or classroom. Window tinting for business will give you and your employees an added sense of security and privacy, knowing that the eyes of the world aren’t privy to your workplace.

Protect your investments
The sun can and will do damage to interior space and furnishings over time. Valuable items and features in your business like flooring, furniture, artwork, or computer equipment, could get damaged by continual exposure to the sun. With window tint film installed, the harmful effects of UV exposure are blocked out completely.

If all the benefits we’ve listed above interest you, commercial window tint is the solution you’ve been looking for, and we’re the Triad’s foremost experts to get the job done. Give us a call today at (336) 851-1300 for more information on our commercial window tint applications, or you can also contact us through our website and request a free quote for service.

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