The Importance of an Amplifier

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On the road, that crisp and clear Top 40 tunes blasting from the car next to you can always start your head nodding. Not long after, you start belting out the lyrics like you’re auditioning for The Voice. The power of a quality stereo music reproduction can drive us to any number of outbursts. But on the contrary, that popping and scratching feedback you may be hearing is not Christina Aguilera. Rather, it’s a clear indication of someone needing to invest in a new amplifier to drive all that fancy hardware.

Factory Amps
Many of us are not satisfied with the factory-built speaker systems in our vehicles. When we go purchase our sound equipment upgrades, like new stereo receivers, speakers, subwoofers, etc., we find our sound systems are ill-equipped to handle the upgrade without adequate power. The factory amplifier that was built into the car will do its best, but it’ll usually leave us with what amounts to a lot of distortion and noise.

Upgraded Amps
The amplifier works as a power source for the entire sound system. It typically operates on four different channels, one for each speaker. Most cars have four speakers, which makes a 4-channel amplifier the most popular. Consider the power that your new upgrade is going to require. Exactly how many different pieces of equipment is the amplifier required to support? How many watts are needed to power each additional speaker? The more elaborate your audio setup, the greater your need for a suitable external amplifier.

Dedicated Amps
Ideally, you will want the amplifier to provide the power to all the car’s speakers. This can only be accomplished when the requirements of the stereo system don’t require more than the amplifier can provide. Each upgrade brings its own power demands upon the amplifier. For instance, if one of your system’s upgrades included a subwoofer, the sub plus the existing speakers may be too much for the amplifier. In that case, the subwoofer may require its own dedicated amp.

DeDona Tint & Sound provides the products and services you need for a premium sound system, whether that means the stereo head unit, speakers, subwoofer, amplifiers or all of the above. If you are after something more unique to your needs, we are also experienced with installing custom enclosures to house audio equipment, which means the system will not only sound great, but look amazing as well. Call us today at (336) 851-1300.

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